New Music Alert! From OZI F TEDDY

What you feeling like?

By  | Apr 08, 2020, 12:46 PM

Your favourite rapper, Ozi F Teddy is back (not that he ever left) but he's bringing us what he has coined as #LockdownMusic and it's about time.

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Its been a difficult few days for most, now that lockdown in Bots has taken full effect and for others, it's messed up a few of their plans for the summer- Ozi F Teddy, being one of them.

With tours and shows being cancelled, Ozi F was one of the first to cry out, 'urgh, corona' but the good news is, he hasn't let the lockdown stop him because he''s got some of that new new and we just cannot wait.
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He teased this new track featuring ATI and another one with MURDA, a couple of days ago and obviously, it got a lot of Bots Hip Hop heads riled up and asking for more.

Well, it seems he heard the fans (all 3 million of them) and he's finally dropping new music this week.
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And now that the music is finally about to drop, the real question is- what you feeling like?

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