Ntando Duma Debuts New Hairstyle

She looks hella hot!

By  | Jan 29, 2021, 11:25 AM 

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The Queen Ntando Duma has been exploring different hairstyles lately and sis really pays meticulous attention to detail because she looks good with anything on.

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This time around she has decided to give her wigs a break and opted for a natural hairdo. The starlet took to social media recently to show off her new natural hairstyle and she looks stunning on it. Fans could not get enough of her stunning hair and flooded her comment section with wonderful compliments.

Duma has been serving her fans with stunning hairstyles as in her previous posts she was spotting natural hair with a ponytail and she killed the look.

Breaking The Internet

The starlet is blessed with a breath-taking body and she recently posted a snap of her on Instagram looking hella hot in a swim-wear. She was standing on top of a rock, at an undisclosed beach and she definitely brought all the heat.

Trending for an alleged sex tape.

A sex tape recently trended on Twitter and many thought it was Ntando who was doing adults things with the man on the sex tape but she took to Twitter to set the record straight that it was not her. She admitted that the woman looks like her. Ntando said she would never engage in such degrading acts.

"I legit almost believed that was me in that video yaze yafana nami leya ngane (the girl looks like me) but for confirmation, It is definitely NOT ME and I would never do anything of that nature.  Have a good day everyone."

Trending for her love life.

Ntando has been gushing over her man on social media and she has publicly declared that she is off the market on her posts with her man. Although she does not show him off fans have been suspecting that she has found love in the arms of Gomora actor Sicelo Buthelezi, who plays Teddy in the Telenovela.

A fan recently asked her if they are an item, "Is Teddy from Gomora your boyfriend?" the fan asked. Ntando answered the fan with a meme by popular comedian and socialite Bobo Mbele where he says 'uyahlanya' which translates to 'you are crazy.'

Who is she dating then? But only time will tell.

Image Cred: Instagram

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