NJ Masisi visits Yarona FM

This was her first ever radio interview

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM

This morning our First Lady NJ Masisi visited Yarona FM for her first ever radio interview with Rorisang Mogojwe on #TheFeelGoodFoundation. Voter registration polls closed this weekend and well, we guess now is as good a time as any to start the campaign process, more or less. Over the course of her hour long interview our First Lady spoke about adjusting to life in her new role, her plans for the future and how she plans to empower the Girl Child.

Here are some takeaway quotes from the interview. 

On adjusting to being First Lady

"I take things in stride and I keep it going. The main thing is, I've told myself to always be myself... I may be First Lady but at the end of the day I'm Neo. I take it in stride. One day I'm on a flight with my husband, one day I'm in church with my husband, one day I have to speak to youngsters like yourselves... And I know it's not forever. Minimum, it could end next year, maybe it could be in 5 years or ten but it will end... So I tell myself, let me play out the play..."

On empowering the girl child

I want to empower them so they become Life Champions. And what is a Life Champion, in my definition? A girl child who is confident, her shoulders are literally high... She'll have lower chances of being abused, or getting into drugs.

She also said one of her aims is to empower rural women because while the odds are stacked against women all over the country, rural women definitely have it worse and deserve the same opportunities as everyone else.   She promised to use her networks and experience to be the best First Lady possible and help those she can to reach a global audience and move all of us, as a Nation, forward.

Main Image: YMH Publishing