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By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Nature Inger 

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Nature Inger is one woman who not only has an influence in Botswana but all over the world. In 2014 many remember how Miss Inger scooped the main prize when she won the Miss World Supermodel crown that year.

Since the time she won the Miss World supermodel title, she has never stopped chasing her dreams and has become one of the most talked about names in Botswana. After Miss World supermodel, she also became the national director for the beauty pageant in Botswana.

The supermodel who is also a television presenter and creative director in 2017 was chosen to be the Head judge and trainer of Little Miss Princess of the World Botswana.

She was also a judge at the Miss Botswana Consumer Fair in 2017.
Inger has got a unique sense of fashion that makes her one of the most stylish women in Botswana.

Nature Inger told Botswana Unplugged that she loves reading, watching movies and cooking whenever she is relaxed at home. She said;

“In my spare time I watch movies and I read. I spend a lot of time singing and writing songs. I also cook and spend time with loved ones and just relax at home.”

She also loves animals and her favourite pet is a dog.

Besides her having a model-sized body, Inger loves food and she revealed that at times she even eatS even when she is not hungry.

She also said that despite that many people see her as a celebrity she doesn’t feel like one and she has made many friends and mixes with anyone from any level.
Although many suspect that Inger is not in a relationship with anyone, she has not confirmed nor denied that she's involved. She also opened up that she is not easily attracted to people and can go out on a date with anyone she likes.

Nature Inger has also worked with other celebrities like Sasa Klaas on her projects and she even featured on the song Loco which was composed by various artists. Last week she released a single called I See.

Born and Bred in Botswana, Nature Inger speaks Setswana fluently and distinctly. She also has a smooth command in speaking the English language, Inger is currently learning how to speak French.

Nature Inger has participated in several humanitarian and charity works around Botswana as well.

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