5 Things To Know About Molefi Nkwete

He is an inspiration for the youth

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Molefi Nkwete 

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He’s on the list as one of the wealthiest Batswanan’s today. Why? Because his drive and determination is what got him there. As a founder of Urban Soul Botswana, one of the most successful and popular urban and lifestyle apparel brands in the country today.  

A true inspiration to Batswanan youth, his story is one of determination and hard work.

Here are 5 things you need to know about the wealthy businessman. 

Young Entrepreneur

Business minded at the age of 19 in the year 2000, he got his inspiration from his uncle who worked in construction. He decided to start a clothing business in a quest to make ends meet and earn some money on the side, by selling shoes and clothes to his friends. 

Determined to grow his business, he found an opportunity in the market as he saw the lack of American brands in the country. He then contacted a friend who later on became his supplier, living in America to send him some of the branded items. Molefi then proceeded to entering a slightly larger market at the bus rank and sold the American stock. 

He is educated 

He studied Diploma in Electronic Engineering at the University of Botswana. He used his allowances to fund his business of selling clothes to his friends. What became his childhood side hustle, would become his empire. 

His first car

After gaining enough money to buy his first car, he saw that as an opportunity to travel and reach a larger market all over Botswana. Molefi then sold clothes from the boot of his car. 

Urban Soul Brand 

What has become the most popular apparel in Botswana today, after the success of his childhood hustle, Nkwete managed to open his first store called Urban Soul.
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His brand can be best described as a hip-hop brand that celebrates the country’s youth culture and lifestyle.

His merchandise has dressed some stars in Botswana and South Africa alike. Big names including Steez, Apollo, Speedy, Eureka, Zeus and Diablo. Business was blooming for the determined young man, so he then managed to open 6 stores around Botswana and 1 store in Johannesburg. 

He is looking to expand his businesses into sub-region as it has a great deal of wealth and can produce great opportunities for growth for Urban Soul.
Molefi at his Urban Soul store
Motivational Speaker 

He has become a role model for many people especially the youth who look up to him.  He then started motivational speaking especially at universities, encouraging the youth to follow their dreams. He encouraged the students at Botho University in the year 2015 to develop business ideas and persevere regardless of whatever obstacles come their way. 

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