Mohale’s Being Bullied Again!

It doesn’t look good.

By  | Feb 08, 2021, 11:26 AM 

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Why does it seem that no matter what Mohale does, he’s going to get bullied? Yet again, Tweeple are coming up in hordes to question his relationship with his husband. This began when Somizi went on a vacation with Vusi Nova – without Mohale. But as we previously reported, Mohale’s been out of the picture because he’s been working hard. Still - he got trolled. In retaliation – he posted a peaceful Godly verse on his Twitter. The reaction? People made fun of him even further.
Mean comments have come flooding in. Some of which are:
“Always when they dump you, you will know God.”
“Mohale you’re becoming a motivational speaker these days... where is Somizi?”
“Somizi is in honeymoon noVusi angisho wena ugijimisa bantfwana baseWits.”
“Vusi Nova is turning you into becoming a Pastor.”
Not everything was a mean comment, though. Some people tried to defend Mohale and others actually thanked him for sharing such an inspiring post. Here are a few snippets:
“You obviously know nothing about Mohale, he has always loved God.”
“I genuinely like Mohale and his wit. It’s really none of my business what’s happening between him and SomG. They could be busy with their hectic work schedules and unable to spend time together, but i miss them nyising us together. I’m a fan.”

What Sparked This Ruckus?

This all started when Somizi started posting videos and pictures from his vacation with Vusi Nova. They went on holiday to Cape Town and Mohale was nowhere in sight.
 There were many videos from that vacation. Somizi and Vusi named it their #BestiCation. They spent some time on a luxury yacht somewhere near Cape Town. The videos and photos were probably shot by a drone and show the stunning Table Mountain in the background. The two were seen enjoying their drinks and having fun. Many fans commented on those posts, too, about how Mohale was missing.

But Still A Power Couple

TrueLove magazine has Mohale and Somizi on the cover of their magazine. The issue has an interview of theirs where they open up about their relationship and making it work. They also talk about money, their careers, and the age gap between them.
Some time back, a journalist had questioned Somizi about their marriage and he wasn’t having it. He clapped back at the journo on his social media. We’re hoping things don’t go out of hand this time around, too. 
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