Mjamaica's New Look Has Everyone Talking

He looks hella hot

By  | Sep 13, 2021, 05:24 PM 

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Mjamaica has left his legion of followers in awe of his new look. The funny comedian never ceases to amaze his legion of fans, and a lot of time he shares something on his social media accounts, he steals the hearts of many people. The comedian shared pictures of him with makeup and we are here for the face beat.

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He looked flawless and he paired the face beat with a wig. He titled the post "Since relationships are not working for me I decided to be single and date myself. I love myself a lot."
We absolutely love it when our favorite celebs show us different looks a how creative they can be at times. Another one of our fave male celebs who has no qualms about wearing makeup is Lasizwe Dambuza.

The openly gay media personality always turns heads with his face beat and fashion goals. The 22-year-old once proudly spoken about how proud he is of being a virgin and that he is saving himself for marriage. "As the son of the most high! A child of God, I am very proud of myself for a being virgin. It’s one of my biggest achievements," he tweeted.

Lasizwe ruffled feathers earlier this year when he said the new Amazulu king can deflower him. "The new Zulu King can definitely take my virginity... Literally I would make a plan on how I would carry his babies! No ways!!! I have the biggest crush on him! He’s such a handsome man with PRESENCES AF! Bayede wena weNdlovu!" he wrote.

His break up with his boyfriend left him heartbroken and a few days later, the YouTuber said on Twitter he could control his emotions, "This world can hurt you. It cuts you deep and leaves a scar. Things fall apart, but nothing breaks like a heart. It sucks feeling like this! It sucks not being in control of your emotions. It’s sucks feeling like you’re alone in the world! It’s sucks shutting people out especially those who care about you out. IT SUCKS! YOU ARE NOT ALONE, I AM IN THE SAME BOAT WITH YOU! But WE WILL WIN!"

While many thought he was Cedric Fourie's bae he opened up about how their friendship ended recently.

“Cedric! I don’t want to work with Cedric again. Cedric and I were really really good friends, We were like so good with each other. The reason why I don’t want to work with him again I that I think, what I got it wrong is when I started mixing people with him. That’s why in life, never mix your friends. Because they are friends with you for a reason. That one fulfills a certain purpose and that one fulfils a certain purpose. Never mix that.” He explained.

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