Mjamaica Reaches 100K Instagram Followers

Congratulations to him!

By  | Jan 19, 2021, 01:29 PM 

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Aww... local comedian Mjamaica really knows how to win in life. Well, that's how he rolls. He's all about that "another day, another slay" life.

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The Botswana born comedian has announced that he has reached 100k followers on Instagram and he took to the platform to celebrate his latest achievement. This a big milestone because social media has become a business for many celebs and content creators, who collaborate with different brands to secure the bag and this also means that his work is even being acknowledged more.

Mjamaica posted a snap posing with his bae and they are a match made in heaven. The comedian thanked his followers for supporting him and making this possible.

Mjamaica who has a son, has been taking to social media lately to share some of the perks of being at home due to the lockdown, as it allows him to spend some quality time with his son. He recently posted a video on Instagram, spending some quality time with him.

The video left many social media users swooning. It is no secret that Mjamaica juggles many roles in his life, but that of being a father takes precedence. Having his son in his life has changed his perspective, and he is enjoying every second of fatherhood.

Their bond is definitely one to envy and we love how he fulfills his daddy's diaries. The comedian has also been showing off his bae on social media and we must add that she looks really gorgeous.

Mjamaica rose to fame with his YouTube skits and he has since managed to build a successful career in the entertainment industry. In 2018 he did a skit that landed him in hot water.

The skit relays the story of a guy who wants a girl, and yet is rebuffed at every turn. He then decides to get "payback" for it and proceeds to break into her house, attempt to rob her, and rape her. He later did a skit for Cassper's Fill Up and it was overshadowed by the rape skit he did a few months before.

The skit ruffled many feathers and a Twitter user who was not happy with it wrote "Was so happy for Mjamaica and decided to go watch his stuff mo YouTube... The second clip I watched is called "don't judge a book by its cover"... Safe to say he is canceled, and if you know him tell him to take down that video."

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