Miss Geekays Is Fuming

You won't believe what happened!

By  | Sep 03, 2021, 02:44 PM 

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Fake celebrity accounts are always making the rounds on social media, and it can be really annoying to have someone steal your identity or pretend to be you.

Miss Geekays recently caught wind of a fake account on IG using her pictures and she was furious. She decided to let her fingers do the talking and warned her fans to be wary of the imposter pretending to be her. Khumo shared a screenshot of the imposter which uses her pictures but a different name.

The imposter whose Instagram name is Grace Mandela has more room than 120 followers and Khumo has pleaded with her fans to help her report it.
Instagram Screenshot @MissGeekays

Khumo continues to prove to us that she is a force to be reckoned with. She has achieved a lot of success since she rose to superstardom. She has a massive social media following and a booming career in the limelight. She dabbles as a radio host, MC, and social media content creator.

A couple of years ago, she opened up her struggle with acne. Speaking to Tsena Online she said, "I have a skin condition – acne. I started my treatment at the age of 20. Every year I was supposed to be on treatment because my acne kept coming back every now and then. I am glad to say my acne stopped in 2017. After seven years of pain, embarrassment, public scrutiny, and humiliation it feels great to walk out in public acne-free and make up free," she said.

Miss Geekays lost her mother about 5 months ago and she has been healing from the loss. She revealed that before her mother passed on she had been battling cancer for a year and a half and in the last few days, she was recovering from COVID-19.

"After a year and a half of battling Cancer (Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia CMML) and recovering from COVID 19 in her last days my best friend has gone to be with the Lord." "I would like to extend my gratitude to all those who have helped us and been there for us during this time. Rest in eternal peace mama. I love you always & forever ♥️,"
she tweeted.

Image Cred: Twitter

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