Five Minutes with Mdu Tha Party

Love him or hate him, he's here.

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Mdu Tha Party 

Any marketing student will tell you the objective is always to make people feel something about what you’ve put before them - anger, hatred, lust, nostalgia - anything but apathy.

He’s hailed by some of his detractors as talentless, crass and sometimes even just downright vulgar - One of those people who many will ask just how he got famous and why  brands still align with him despite his penchant for annoying the general public. His fans however, would tell you he’s bubbly, resourceful and no matter the situation, entertaining. The spotlight follows him wherever he goes - all the way up to podiums to accept awards and right on stage next to the biggest African acts.

Mdu and Veezo View

Over the course of his adult life he’s been a radio presenter, a writer and MC. He's also started his own Pay What You Want (Play Fest) initiative, which is a birthday bash that donates all proceeds it makes to those in need (So far a women’s shelter and orphanage) under his own events management firm - Team Out of Order. Not to mention he's won a YAMA Award for Best Social Media and made a come back  to radio, as well as become a TV Host on Pula Power. Basically, he's everywhere.
He’s on a steady and notable upswing, and we sat down with him to get candid about his career, success and  sex.

Mdu and Sasa Klaas

Tell us about your journey in the entertainment industry. How did you get into it, which aspects of it have you been most active in and how have your expertise evolved during the course of your career?

I grew into myself in an economy that recognized my talents as “Entertainment” and I just self-taught my way through it. Media, marketing, music, magazines - I evolved from just being entertaining and fun to learning how to capitalize on my skills and make a living from it which is something many creatives find especially hard to do. That's what happened.

What opportunities do you think being a creative have afforded you that you don’t think you might have found elsewhere?

To let my hair just grow wild! I hate hair maintenance so now I just do whatever and everyone thinks it's a trendsetting hairstyle. To be fair, they usually do become trendy. Then I get booked for gigs on TV, Radio, Live, Online TV to social media campaigns. Because I'm an "Influencer" they call us that now. *Laughs* 

What are some of your most memorable moments to date working in the industry?

It hasn't been all that memorable. When your lifestyle is living your best lives then meeting Tom Hardy feels like meeting Mpho Sebina. Next I'm interviewing the President, then what?! 

What lessons have you learned through putting together the Pay What You Want bash over the last few years?

Charity begins at home, young Kids & Queens. You ain't really helping, you just don't know it yet. If you really want to help, get your education right then find rich people who can pay for you to stand in court and fight for your rights as well as fund a worldwide campaign about your message and they'd trust you to execute the agenda. Thank me later. 

What advice might you give to young creatives trying to come up in Botswana right now? 

-Business acumen and business etiquette are key then start something presented by "you" *wink wink* and you can do you at your own time. Just smarten up, yo. 

If you had to sleep your way into a major contract, which brand would you risk it all (either for money or clout) for?


If you had to choose to be the face of a brand, would you rather be on condom wrappers like Pearl Thusi did with Lover’s Plus or the face of circumcision like Vee?

How about a sex toy? Yeah, a sex toy. Something to do with nipples. 

Ozi F Teddy or ATI? (That’s the question in its entirety so choose wisely)

Do you send nudes? And if so, what tips would you give to guys on how to send good ones (assuming you do)? Also, what are the odds of them being leaked?

it's 2018 bro, send a gif.

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