Maxine And Her Husband Partake In Couples Quiz

They are couple goals!

By  | Jan 04, 2021, 04:21 PM 

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Botswana's power couple Maxine Magwape and her husband Mbakiso Magwape have provided fans with more insight into their relationship, in their most recent TikTok video.

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The couple partook in a trending couples quiz, which originally began between Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod, and has quickly spread like wildfire amongst love birds all over the world. The couple has won the hearts of many in the country and they are no stranger to keeping their fans entertained on social media.

In the video we learn that Mbakiso makes food in the relationship, Maxine is the best kisser and Mbakiso loves and gives the best massages in the relationship.

The couple recently had many breathing through the wound when they went on a baecation for some much-needed relaxation time. The pair visited Avani Gaborone Resort and Casino and they had the best time of their life.

"My husband and I love traveling the world, but ever since the pandemic, we have not been able to do what we love." Wrote Maxine on her Instagram. "Little did we know that it is actually a blessing in disguise cause now we found a perfect vacation experience right here at home!" Maxine revealed they did some hiking, sight-seeing among other exciting activities.

The two have been exploring different ways to entertain us virtually this lockdown. Maxine who is known for her impeccable Instagram content recently posted a video of their question and answer session on her YouTube channel.

She said she scared of becoming a Youtuber because, it requires a lot of consistency and time and she is often busy. The couple's Q&A session gave their fans a front-row seat into their relationship, how they met, and making it big in life.

Another power couple that has been serving us with major couple goals are
Shona and Connie Ferguson. The pair posted a snap of Shona looking at his wife like he’s totally checking her out. Connie is seen sitting regally and ignoring him. This is what made it a funny picture. Adding the cheek to it were Shona’s cheesy pick-up lines, “Let me talk to you for a minute girl! You got a man?” like he’s hitting on her. 

The queen, Connie Ferguson’s “🤣🤣🤣 Yea and he fine as hell!😉😍❤️” just capped it! And did their fans love it?! Yes, they did!. The couple recently celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary and they are still going strong.

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