Looks Like Cassper and Diamond Are Working Together

2021 seems to have brought glad tidings for African Superstars Cassper and Diamond fans.

By  | Jan 05, 2021, 02:35 PM 

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A recent post on Facebook by Hip-hop rapper Cassper Nyovest indicates that he and Platnumz have been making some music together. Cassper, while spending time in Tanzania recently, has been seen with popular music icon Diamond Platnumz, and that too in a studio! 

Do you see a hit in the pipeline? A video that surfaced online shows both the musicians together with Alie on the keys, and a group of people, in a studio enjoying what looks like a song in the making.

Check the post and the video here!
After being posted, the 13k plus views that it garnered, show the excitement generated.  Later Cassper retweeted the video himself and confirmed the collaboration. 

They’ve been cheering each other

A call out by Diamond some time back was all about his friendship with his country brother Cassper. It was a video of  Platnumz performing energetically at a show.
Meanwhile, Cassper has been feeling the heat in Tanzania. His recent posts have been about his Tanzanian sojourn. He is enjoying it all!  “First of all, Tanzania is hot as fuck!!! Secondly, Mapiano to the World!!! Thank you!!!”, he says.
In fact, he even replied to a tweet with a cheeky statement celebrating the fact that he was in a place that had no alcohol bans or lockdowns.

Cassper wants more fan love

Cassper has shared his feelings about wanting more wins in SA on social media. He feels there is much more success waiting for him than he’s tasted yet. Considering the love he gets from his fan base, he’s right.
He voices his dream, “Never had a high rotation in South Africa. Never had a number 1 on the radio but the people keep showing love. My South African fans are my core and my base. Time to grow outside. More African countries!! That's my dream.”

His music’s popular: Cassper Drops Hlengiwe Music Video

And he knows he will get there. A recent retweet from him showed a fan’s, diehard love. “@casspernyovestda only nigga dat dropped da best hip hop album of 2020. But yall so-called hip hop heads n artists don't appreciate bcoz u hate Cass intentionally n can't hide it anymore. Yall wanna see Nyovest suffering but well he's only suffering from success.”

Of course, a few questioned the “best album” bit, but it’s all in the game.

This collab with Diamond is another road to a big banger win!

Image Cred: Music In Africa
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