Avon Copies “Flutter” By LKG?

Can she do anything about it

By  | Feb 21, 2021, 09:07 AM  | Lerato Kganyago 

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Lerato Kganyago’s personal life has never been better. The good sis has been living her best life with her husband, Thamo Ndlela. This past week she made our hearts melt when she took to her social media platforms and showed off her couple Valentine’s Day goals. This is as her husband gifted her with booked out stadium- a whole FNB Stadium- and a private concert by leading musician, Zonke Dikana. But it seems that while one part of your life might be going well, there will be one that needs special attention.

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This time around it was in regards to her Flutter by LKG brand being threatened by big business. When Kganyago started with her eyelash range which she launched under the “Flutter” umbrella, there were other popular artists that had wanted to venture into the market too. Nadia Nakai was one that had teased releasing an eyelash range, but to date the “Nadia Naked” rapper has still to release the much promised brand. 

Due to a lack of competition in the market, radio’s Mother created a unique footprint for herself with the eyelash range. Arguably, Kganyago is the celebrity leader in the local eyelash range. Currently, the brand has six eyelash ranges available. The most recent of her eyelash range is called Serubele, which means butterfly; an eyelash specifically designed for and inspired by her LGBTQI+ community. But clearly bug business saw the success of it all and thought we-can-do-this-too; allegedly.
The Metro FM personality took to her socials this weekend raised alarm on the fact that her eyelash range has been “copied” by big business. This is after a fan brought it to her attention by taking a picture of Avon’s new eyelash range called- you guessed it- “Flutter.” Avon’s eyelash range is currently on special as it is part of their new offering. However, it seems that even the “real” price will be cheaper to compared to the original. However, this can be accredited to the fact that the style of Avon’s range is well… not the original Flutter by LKG.
Additionally, while the name could have been a coincidence, what our fave Lenyora could not deal with was that the packaging of Avon’s range was also black and gold. We mean, there is imitation and then there is just pure thievery- allegedly.
When asked if she could take the brand to the courts over the matter, the Levis Strauss partner was clear that she could not. In explaining why, she basically stated that the company found the loopholes and exploited- our words not hers. The B-side eyelash range used just the word “flutter” which is not unique to Kganyago’s “Flutter by LKG,” therefore she too has no option but to watch it all unfold and hope that her market remains loyal. 
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