Is Niniola Coming To Botswana?

King B has all the tea!

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM

Yarona FM radio presenter Loungo Pitse, dearly known as King B, had a chat with Nigerian born singer/songwriter Niniola this afternoon on his The Famous Brunch show and got to know what gets her going, and the lively singer had a lot to say.

King B starts the telephone interview by asking her about her evolution since the competition that kick-started her singing career. Niniola became the 3rd runner up in the sixth season of the MTN Project Fame West Africa competition in 2013 where she won 2 million Naira, about P60, 000.00.

“It was [by] the Grace of God and good management. I had won 2 million naira from the competition and I walked in the studio and demanded the best, the producers would ask me why when nobody knew me but I wanted my resources to be worth it. I recorded Maradona in 2016 which became a hit and I never looked back.”
 Niniola dropped her debut album, “This Is Me”, which went platinum, when asked why that title, this is what she has to say;

“I wanted my fans to get a piece of me, there is more to Niniola than just dance, [there is] more R&B, and more country music. I have done different genres, [there are] different pieces of Niniola, not just dance.”
American rapper and executive producer Timberland recently followed Niniola on Instagram, showed her love on her post, and even posted a video of himself jamming along to the hit single - Designer.

Instagram embed

“It makes me feel special that African music is going global. DJ Snake did a Maradona remix and took it to the world. You can embrace your culture and still go global.”
The Maradona hit maker has worked with incredible artists, when asked how it was working with Busiswa and their relationship, she only had songs of praise to say about the South African singer.

“I love Busiswa, she is a super darling, very hardworking and it is hard to find people like that. We spoke in the twitter DMs and I asked her to jump on the "Magun" remix. I gave her a beat for a verse and she returned a full song, she is hardworking.”
On the notion that she is very particular about energy, having the right mindset and ethic and how she keeps going, she had this to say;

“I am all about energy, I make my peace from music, I love to dance it comes to me naturally and who else [better] but Busiswa.”
King B asked her a question many Batswana fans are dying to know, when is the singer visiting Botswana?  She enthusiastically replied that she would love to come to Botswana given the chance.

“Bring me, I want to come to Botswana cause I have been seeing a lot of love from Botswana and I can’t wait to see you and dance with you.
 After a successful 2018, what’s next for Niniola in 2019?
 “More music, I released “This Is Me” towards the end of 2017 and I promoted it throughout 2018, and dropped “Bana” and recently dropped “Designer” to kick start my year [2019]."
 Niniola signs off the interview with her signature melody.

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