Kelebogile Megano's Near-Death Experience

"I legit almost died earlier"

By  | Sep 02, 2021, 09:49 AM 

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Kelebogile Megano has taken to her Instagram stories to open up about her near-death experience and we are glad that she is feeling better now.

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In vivid detail, Kelebogile said she experienced breathing problems due to allergies. She was then rushed to the hospital to seek medical attention. Describing her near-death experience she said her doctor told her that had she gotten there an hour later she would have died.

"Guys I legit almost died earlier. My Dr told me if I'd come an hour later than the time I got to the hospital I'd be head hun. My throat swelled up so hard that blocked my airway. I literally couldn't breathe. I hate allergies but anyway happy spring I guess"

Kelebogile recently celebrated her birthday and she extended her gratitude to everyone for their unwavering support.

"Thankful to God for his love, Grace, and Kindness.. ..Grateful for my family, friends, and every one of you for the unwavering support. May I be blessed with happiness, good health, and prosperity? May boundless joy is my companion today and every other day of my life. A very happy and blessed birthday to me," she wrote.

Another one of our faves who recently detailed how she survived COVID-19 is media personality Tshepiso Solomon. she revealed that she contracted the virus with her family and she had to be strong for everyone.

"It wasn't easy...Some days when I felt very tired and not up to it I would get scared... Wondering if we would all get better and if I was doing a good enough job to avoid reinfecting one another. I got scared if I would get better because I had to stand up through all the physical pain, drowsiness, and weakness.

She said COVID-19 does not only affect your health but it hits your pocket because the meds do not come cheap.

"By God's grace we made it! COVID-19 is not only taxing physically and emotionally only, but financially as well. The meds & the home remedies don't come cheap. I started to appreciate the little things like having medical aid and the ease at which things get done when you can afford the essentials to keep you alive while fighting a now considered deadly virus. We take them for granted sometimes.

I'm happy to say we are all well and on the road to full recovery! Thank you to everyone that checked in on us and made some deliveries for essentials. It was VERY ESSENTIAL. coming out of this I somewhat even feel like I have a new lease on life... And to that... I say #tolifešŸ„‚ #liveandletGod"

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