Kgomotso Rastie Keeps On Rising.

Her Hands Are On The Deck

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM

Kgomotso Ratsie is one of the people in the arts industry that have managed to raise the Botswana flag high by showcasing their talent in other countries.

Following the footsteps of DJ Fresh, Kaone Kario, Connie and Shona Ferguson, Kgomotso has also contributed to putting the Botswana's name on the map.

In 2015, Ratsie appeared on South African Etv soap Scandal where she played a role of Jemina after being discovered by Botswana’s Premiere Television and Acting Competition, what makes this special is that this was also her big break since it was her first television gig outside Botswana.

She told Botswana Unplugged that she was so excited to appear on the South African soapie for the first time.

 “The day I joined Scandal, the feeling was ‘yeah mama I made it', she said.

Not only has she appeared in several television productions and dramas, but the 31-year-old actress has also won several awards since the beginning of her career. 

In 2010, Ratsie won an Overall Best Actress in BOTA National Drama Competition which gave her a scholarship and she has also won the Best Female Theatre Director for the same competition in 2013.
Kgomotso has a appeared on several magazine covers, television commercials and billboards and this has made her one of the most recognised faces in Botswana. She appeared on billboards for BBS internet banking transactions advert, Botswana Life Insurance and many others.
She has been on local television screens for over 10 years and has managed to keep herself relevant in the acting industry.

Furthermore, the former ETV Scandal actress opened up that she chose acting for a career after realising that she got a personality for acting. She also writes short stories which she hopes to produce on national television.

Besides acting, Ratsie engages herself in Philanthropic work and she is an entrepreneur. During her spare time, Kgomotso spends time with her daughter, cooks for her family and attends to her farming projects 

Ratsie is a devoted Christian who strongly believes in the existence of Jesus Christ. Moreover, She  is not married and did not reveal if she was in a relationship or not. 

She opened up that she was heartbroken the day she discovered that she had endometriosis a disease that affects the uterus and that it is not curable. However, she said that her faith has managed to keep her going.

Kgomotso Ratsie speaks a lot of Languages that include Tswana, Zulu, and English. She remains to be one of the most influential forces amongst many young people in Botswana.

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