StaxXx takes it back to BaeSx

Hear new music from the star.

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Kago Serole 

Kago Serole is literally one of the only child stars Botswana can say it has. From being a preteen on Mantlwaneng to growing up hosting gigs, then going into music as StaxXx and now hosting Pula Power along with running his own visual content creation company, he's really grown up in front of our eyes and in leaps and bounds, might we add.
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It's very easy for one to get lost in the limelight, especially as a child surrounded by numerous influences and vices, but in the case of StaxXx perseverance seems to be the key.

Anyway, personally we find BaeSx great.  He's really a hard working young man and it's lovely to see how he doesn't drop the ball on any of the projects he takes on.

Also the fact that he's focusing on getting his message across and not taking shots or obsessing about haters or whatever the kids are talking about nowadays is refreshing. BaeSx tells the story of his journey and his emergence, and the clean visuals shot by Gonna Elvis definitely do the vision justice.

Main Image: Instagram/bigmoney_stacxx