Femme Talk With Kagiso Sento

Celebrating women in business

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Kagiso Sento 

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The remarkable women in business will be using this platform provided by Femme Talk Botswana and Access TV to help empower women in whatever career they venture into. They will be tackling some stereotypes that affect women every day. Most importantly how society values a woman if she is a stay at home mother or a woman in the boardroom.

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Kagiso Sento will be the guest as well as Michelle Phetlhe on Wednesday’s edition of Femme Talk at 20:00. She is not only a social media beauty and public figure, but she is also a DJ who recently started her career in the entertainment industry and a mother and wife. She is also the Shell brand ambassador and property mogul. AAT graduate from Botswana Accountancy College and an all-round fashion icon and trendsetter. 

Michelle Phetlhe is a wife and mother, also a chef, artist, she is into the business of hand-made gifts and hampers and a managing director at Esteres Boutique Agency. She also worked at Yarona FM and is one of the country’s most booked events specialists. She is big on talking about her life journey to where she is today and speak to audiences of all ages.
Wednesday Night on Femme Talk

The femme talk will be hosted by Bogadi Serumola, she is a remarkable woman who is also a multitalented presenter, MC, voice over artist, motivational speaker and philanthropist. 

Together they will be tackling the stigma associated with being a stay at home mother but also being a business woman and not very present in the household. 

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