"Botswana embraced me"- HHP

A nation mourns.

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Jabulani "HHP" Tsambo 

The birth of Motswako was bigger than the spawning of a genre, it stood to many Batswana as a method of representation as well as a scene they could exist in as their authentic selves without feeling the need to emulate Western ideals of what Hip Hop was or looked like.  It was Hip Hop for them, by them.

The likes of Morafe and Khuli Chana, Tuks Senganga, paved the way for artists like DICE, JR and Zeus to tap into the language they knew well and use it to flow with the best in the Industry.  This year Motswako fans lost Dice, Chopps and most recently HHP and many are still reeling from shock but the pain as well.  HHP shaped identities, cultures and lives. He was the soundtrack to summer, a voice during one's coldest winter, and a pillar of strength and hope for many.

Botswana was a home to HHP not just as the land of Tswana speakers, but as a nation that appreciated what he's created, and his being as an entirety.

Today journalist Kwaku Gyanteh unearthed an old post from HHP where he spoke about the role Botswana played on his journey as an artist and a man.
"Back in 2001 when South Africa wasn't trying to hear my music, Botswana embraced me.  I remember I took off my shirt with my fat self and they showed even MORE love. Moral of the story here is be with the ones who love you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE..."

Zeus took to Instagram to share a lengthy post about his relationship with Jabba.  Recently he'd just lost his mother in law and as previously mentioned, the passing of Chopps and Dice were blows as well. Here's what he had to say about digesting the loss.
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I could write a book on what #Jabba meant to me and the Motswako community not only in SA but entire nations of Setswana speaking people and their Sotho, Pedi cousins in their respective nations. Couldn't bring myself to even acknowledge that he is gone despite talking to those closest to him in Joburg and Mafikeng yesterday. I cried yesterday, waking up crying again and I can already feel a void my big brother from another mother leaves. My mind is stuck on the very first memories of getting to know him. From buying "Omang Reloaded" in awe at Uncle Shima's CD store to the life changing call he gave me when I was still in my first year of University and had heard me, Keb and Samba's demo work from Skizo and wanted us to feature on "We built this city" on YBA2NW. That recording was one of the most amazing experiences of my younger life because a guy I was mesmerised by since that album I bought saw something great in me and my hommies from BW and did not hesitate to not just get us on a feature but introduce us to the community they were building. I am so sorry we weren't there enough for you, we forgot to remind you just how much we love you when you were here. Condolences to your family and loved ones, Mmagwe Leano was my senior at Monash round about the time we did the first feature and just thinking of the boy himself who lost a father leaves me in pieces. Life is way too short! Just laid my mother in law to rest not even two weeks ago and it's been one day at a time for me and my wife, earlier this year we said goodbye to Chops, Dice, Zondi about a year ago... it all feels like too much! Tell those that matter you love them and do one better by showing it. You did so much for every Tswana speaking artist, the language and all its peoples which we will forever boast about and preserve for our future generations. Love you big bro! #RobalaKaKagiso 🎤🙏

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SCAR took to Insta as well, but took a different approach and shared a lighthearted moment he'd shared with Jabba in Kenya.

May his soul RIP.

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