Are The Ferguson's Ready To Receive Lobola?

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SA's famous photographer Austin Malema is definitely #DaddyGoals and we stan. The photographer is a father to Connie Ferguson's grandson Ronewa.

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It is no secret that Connie's daughter Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson is one of the most private celebs in celebville, and she has always shied away from going public about her love life for public consumption.

We cannot blame her at all also because, there is always some backlash and drama surrounding one's relationship when they make it public, especially if you are a public figure.

Lesedi and Austin welcomed their son in 2015 and it was a life-changing experience for the two. In a tweet in 2019, Austin opened up about how he feared opening up to his mom that Lesedi had a bun baking in her oven.

"Hahaha when I told my mom about Lesedi being pregnant I was worried about 1 thing. I did not know how to really answer the question if she asked. Image your parents asking you “how did it happen? You can’t really answer this question.
Austin has worked on numerous events and with renowned SA celebs in the local entertainment industry and his work is celebrated by many people. Although the two have always been keeping their relationship under the wraps, it remains unclear whether they are still an item or they are co-parenting.

What we know for sure is that Austin is a very supportive father to his son. The photographer is always spending time with him and breaking the stereotypical notion of black fathers being absent.

Austin opened up to True Love that he has always wanted to become a dad.

"Call me weird but I’ve always wanted to be a dad. When I pick my son up and he screams ‘daddy’, that excitement in voice lets me know I’m doing something right,”

Although the two do not follow each other on their personal Instagram accounts, Lesedi follows Austin's company Instagram account. The photographer is also the magic behind some of Lesedi's Instagram pictures.

Austin also follows Connie and Shona on Instagram. Connie also opened up about being a grandmother and said she did not judge her for falling pregnant early. Speaking to True Love magazine she said

“Life happens, as a parent, you have your own dreams for your child, especially when it’s a daughter, as you want them to gain independence before they have children of their own."

“But the reality is that we can’t live our children’s lives for them. I had Lesedi at 23, too, so who am I to judge?” Connie opened up to the magazine.

She said she assured her that they will always be supportive of her with her family.

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