Watch: Is SK Khoza's Fiancée Pregnant?

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By  | Apr 05, 2021, 12:34 PM 

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The Queen actor SK Khoza and his fiancee Mandy Hlongwane, are head over heels in love and it is a beautiful sight to see.

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The pair has been riding together for some time now and they are still going strong. The actor said they were not having a good day recently but he decided to pull out all the stops to put a smile on his fiancee's face and make her happy.

SK decided to surprise his fiance Mandy Hlongwabe whilst she was dining at a restaurant. The actor got someone to deliver the paintings to her and she was blown away by the surprise.

In a clip shared on Instagram, Mandy is seen getting overwhelmed by the surprise as someone delivers it to her.

Mandy appreciated the surprise and wrote "A beautiful surprise it was. SK, thank you babakhe. You always leave me speechless. Thank you so much, SK. This indeed was a beautiful surprise and I feel better already. Ngiyabonga Mkhathini, Hlase, Mlilo, Bhovungane. Nthabee, thank you so much sweety [sic]. You really made my day.”

An Instagram who goes by the handle of @sammykhoza_kamadlamini commented on SK's post and asked if Mandy has a bun baking in her sexy oven. The actor decided to laugh off the question not revealing whether she is pregnant or not.
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SK and Mandy got engaged late last year. The actor gave his fans a sneak peek of the proposal after he posted a 37-minute-long video on his Instagram that began with him talking about his work and thanking his fans for voting for him to be the best male actor at the KZN Entertainment Awards. A little while later he was joined by Mandy who was preoccupied with her cell phone until SK got down on his knees. Mandy’s emotions escalated from zero to a hundred very quickly. Even though the actor didn’t vocalize his proposal for us to hear, we

He captioned his post “KHOZA AND HLONGWANE ARE NOW SOON TO BE ONE” Khoza wrote. A teary Mandy couldn’t contain her emotions and needed a moment off camera to take a breather from the emotions that took over her when SK asked her to be his wife.

Just recently, SK revealed that he was recently rushed to hospital by his fiancee Mandy Hlongwane after some health complications.

He said he had a field day with his heartburn but he is recovering. "Thanks to my Fiancé @ayearndar for rushing me to the hospital. I have had heartburn before but this was on another level. But I’m recovering and starting to feel less pain. Thank you MaHlongwane for all the TLC," he wrote on social media.

This couple is definitely goals.

Image Cred: Botswana Youth Magazine

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