Gigi Puts Other Woman On

There's nothing like that female power

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM

Rapper - Gigi Lamayne has been through a lot these past couple of months.

After dealing with depression and finding herself in hospital after a suicide attempt, Gigi has picked up the broken pieces of her life and is moving forward in a much more positive direction.

According to her publicist, Gigi Lamayne is launching the Gigi Gang Show which will see an all-female headlining line-up which will include the likes of Rouge, Fifi Cooper, Moozlie, Nadia Nakai, Nokwazi and Mpumi.

Yep, when have you ever heard of an all-female headlined hip hop show in Africa? Nowhere.

Gigi explained that it was important for her to do something for the culture and to bring women in hip hop together. This show is basically about celebrating women coming together all in the spirit of womanhood and music.

Gigi also added that the Gigi Gang show also aims to change the narrative of SA Hip Hop, hence the show will be like a family event where parents are able to bring their kids with for a day of fun and entertainment. 

What's also great about this show is that Gigi is giving young and upcoming artists the opportunity to form part of the lineup as well, male or female.

So if you think you've got the talent to hold a crowd and perform an entire set alone on stage then this is the show for you to test out your skills and talent.

It's great to see Gigi own her life the way she's doing it right now, depression might've knocked her down for a moment but she's managed to get back on her feet and share her talent with the rest of the world.

Good for you Gigi.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@gigi_lamayne