Getting To Know Botswana's Rich Kid

Bissau is living his best life ever

By  | Jun 09, 2021, 11:00 AM 

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Bissau Gaobakwe is one of the country's most loved and envied rich kids. His luxury lifestyle has stolen the hearts of many social media users and he is stopping at nothing to flaunt it. Bissau often gives his followers a glimpse of his soft life leaving them green with envy

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From his expensive rides, exotic vacation destinations, and deep pockets, the good homie is living his best life ever. His designer clothes have become a topic of interest in the country as he is no stranger to splurging thousands of rands on designer brands to look good.

Bissau is the son of the late Botswaana's famous tycoon, Bartholomew Ophaketse Gaobakwe and his family status has also contributed to his growing social media following.

1 He is a married man with kids.

The entrepreneur tied the knot with his wife Malebogo Mangole, in January 2019 and they pulled out all the stops for their glamorous wedding. The wedding was attended by numerous celebs and respected political leaders.

The couple has together for several years now and they are still going strong. The two have beautiful children together and they are living happily after.

Bissau has a 17-year-old son, who in 2019 revealed that he was studying in the USA. He took to his social media account to send him a birthday shout-out and said they missed him dearly.

"Yo Fam...Our Boy. My Firstborn Son ULIBO THAPELO GAOBAKWE is turning 16 yrs. He is studying in New Jersey U.S.A so he can’t be home with us because of Corona travel restrictions. We miss him dearly. Please join us as we wish him a happy Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SON. I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH. I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU. YOU ARE A STRONG LOVING PERSON. KEEP MAKING YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR COUNTRY A GOOD NAME IN THE UNITED STATES.”

He often takes to social media to celebrate fatherhood with heartfelt messages.

"Every man wants kids before he dies. But absent Fathers are one of the major causes of our DECAYING SOCIETY.... WOMEN SHOULD REFUSE TO GIVE US KIDS OUTSIDE MARRIAGE...They definitely have the power and the leverage to do so. They should use their upper hand......#marrybeforeyouc"

2 He is a businessman.

Bissau is also a music producer and he recently signed a 5m pula deal with William Last KRM

"We just signed a 5 million pula deal with WILLIAM LAST @williamlast_krm to manage all his work including management, bookings, appearances, music, endorsements, advertisements, and film. We are willing to do free promotions for young Batswana business entrepreneurs with innovative products." After a month William announced that he had parted ways with his company.

3. He loved his father.

Bissau lost his father a few years ago and in 2020 on Father's day, he penned a heartfelt message to him.

"Happy Father’s Day to every caring loving Daddy in the whole world. Anybody that knows me will tell you that having a father, UNCLE PAX, was the difference between life and death for me. My father publicly called me “MINNIE ME”. He used say, “ Minnie Me, you are a NUISANCE but you are a PLEASANT NUISANCE. I Love you too much my Son. Monna o gola ka bonnya, be patient, don’t worry, follow my lead and I will guide you all the way.....”

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