Gaona On Being Diagnosed With Endometriosis

She has gone through the most

By  | Sep 06, 2021, 10:29 PM 

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Gaona Dintwe has taken to social media to open up about being diagnosed with endometriosis almost 10 years ago. The radio personality was speaking to Kim Chakanetsa on BBC’s “The Comb" and she detailed her story saying she and her fiancee were planning on having children but there was a possibility that she could not conceive.

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She said her dream was to have 3 kids by the age of 30 years. She opened up about how her periods were painful when she was younger and she was diagnosed with the condition at a later stage when she was about to get married.

"The part that devastated me was because I was literally three months into getting married and of course I've always dreamt of having kids and my fiancee and I were planning o having babies and suddenly now hearing that there is a possibility that I may not be able to conceive, was heartbreaking so much that I remember wondering if it was even worth it to get married."

In a post on social, "I had the opportunity to be featured on BBC’s “ The Comb” with Kim Chakanetsa, sharing my journey since being diagnosed with endometriosis almost 10 years ago, a story of OVERCOMING, after years of battling with INTERNAL  demons, feeling unworthy and defective in a society that’s so hard on women who delay childbirth, whether out of choice or due to challenges with conceiving.

"I have grown so much and found purpose from this journey, I have learnt to find joy and contentment even during “THE WAIT” because I still have so much hope and faith in God, and may you fight not to give up too if you are going through a similar journey, even if it means exploring fertility treatment. As you listen, I pray that you are able to Extend Empathy to that couple that’s struggling to conceive, to that man or woman whose struggling with feeling inadequate and isolated as they go through a very lonely battle with infertility. 

"Please note that I do not point fingers at anyone for the heartache I experienced through this journey, but I instead speak of my internal struggles because of expectations I had on myself and how I had envisioned life would turn out. Enjoy a very animated narration of my story." she said.
Gaona had previously opened up about her medical issues regarding endometriosis which is painful disorder in which tissue similar to the tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus — the endometrium — grows outside your uterus. The condition sometimes results in infertility or can cause painful and traumatic pregnancies, and has been the primary reason why she has been unable to have children thus far.

She recently took to Instagram to motivate people to hold on. She said, "Hey you, yes YOU.. hang in there ❤️The only thing keeping me going right now is believing that this too shall pass, this dreadful season, because every time I thought I couldn’t go on in the past, I did, by God’s grace.

Ga go bonolo, we are all anxious, panicking and mourning our loved ones, it ain’t easy, but we can overcome this. Let’s fight to see the other side of this pandemic, even if “fighting” is just gathering the strength to see a new day. I’m sharing a smile with you today as a symbol of hope and faith 😘"

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