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A message to her brothers and sisters dealing with infertility.

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Gaona Dintwe 

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Television and radio personality, media entrepreneur, broadcast journalist and corporate events MC, Gaona, has spoken out about a part of her life that’s very private. She has been very vocal on her infertility and has seized an opportunity to speak out in an effort to help other women in a similar situation. The powerhouse recently shared the stage with international mogul Steve Harvey, doing what she does best.

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Her speaking out was influenced by a post by a businessman named Kagiso Ngakaagae who was appalled by the rate of criticism that people who are infertile receive. He points out the inconvenience people face when trying to conceive illegally simply because there are no laws supporting surrogacy. There are no government medical facilities that are set out to assist couples.  

Gaona reflects on how tabloids would often label her as “Gaona the barren one” and the bullying she fell victim to. Often in the hands of social media and society as she would often be a topic in their conversations. She remembers the heartbreak she experienced during the ordeal, when all she was trying to do was to simply speak out and tell her story with hopes to empower other women and men going through the same thing. 

Labelled as an attention seeker for sharing a private matter in a public space, and how people would often associate her ‘failed marriage’ with her infertility. Women often are targeted when it comes to sensitive matters such as these, and much to her surprise Gaona read comments from women themselves saying they would never allow their uncles, brothers, cousins or male friends to marry a barren woman. 

In the post she says..

“It used to break my heart and I was shattered by the thought of being viewed as defective or not woman enough and not worthy of companionship. Until it dawned on me that this is bigger than me, I may become the face of infertility because I shared my story, but this is not as much about me as it is instead a true reflection of how society views infertility.” 

The media personality reckons that there is still a glitch in society as they often ridicule infertility. Many men and women are rejected by society and their lives are dissected to the point where they doubt their mere existence and try to figure out what did they do to deserve such. According to Gaona, many people are out cast by family members because they simply fail to ‘perform one of the most basic functions of humanity.’ In the lengthy and extremely heartfelt post, she speaks about how women are beaten and sadly killed for being an embarrassment to their families because of failed marriages that are caused by infertility. 

“I decided to speak up when I did, so I could give infertility a face, start a dialogue around it and de-stigmatize it, of course people were talking, emotions had gotten evoked and the everyday multitudes of people dealing with infertility had been exposed.” 

She urges internet bullies to be more understanding and humane towards people who are infertile and encourages people who are infertile to seek fertility treatment and people to be more vocal with spreading information to the next person. 

Gaona announced that she will be hosting a forum on infertility soon and people should be on the lookout for details on that. 

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