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She Is Invincible

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Gaona Dintwe 

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Have you ever watched the movie Iron Lady and began looking at the women around you to see who fits that character? Gaona Dintwe popularly known as Gaona Tlhasana is indeed one of those ladies for me.

Here are some of the facts that make Gaona one of the most influential and strongest women in Botswana media.

After experiencing a publicised divorce with her ex-husband Thobo Tlhasana, Gaona Dintwe opened up that she still believes in love and that one day she will get married again.

She suffered depression as she was about to get married after she was diagnosed with an incurable disease called endometriosis.

This disease affects the womb and it was going to prevent her from having children but she and her now ex-husband agreed to go ahead with the marriage.

The radio and television personality opened up that her marriage turned sour after it became clear that her condition was permanent.

She also revealed that other people including her in-laws started talking a lot about how she was failing to conceive.

Gaona described how she lost extensive weight due to depression and that many people thought she did not want to bear children for her ex-husband and she was pushed by that fact that she had to go out in public and educate people about her condition.

โ€œFor the longest time, people believed I did not want to bear a child for my husband. So I had to come out and tell them about my medical condition and also to help other women and young girls out there who might have the same medical condition as mine."

No one suspected it could be a life-threatening condition because it had been known that I experienced very painful period pains,โ€ she told a group of women at some gathering in Gaborone .

Moreover, her condition became one of the things that led to the downfall of her marriage but Gaona Dintwe revealed that she still is friends with her ex- husband. She said that she never expected her marriage to end but she has since moved on from the shock and looks forward to new beginnings.

The 36-year-old Gaona Dintwe gave advice to other women to look out for themselves in case they get hurt in love.

The ex-radio presenter and television newsreader said her documentary, Gaona Live which is flighted on DSTV and Zambezi Magic has been doing well and she looks forward to other new ventures in her life.

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