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They are not always all about fists

By  | Aug 10, 2022, 04:54 PM  | Fashion

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When we speak of good music in the country, we know that Ubuntu band is no exception. They have been doing the most in the entertainment industry that it was not long since they became a house hold name. While they were doing the most in the country, they have now crossed borders and now getting bookings outside the country. They are the crème of the industry. 

Not only are they young and talented, but they are gifted lyrically. Ubuntu Band has been many years in the past and have been attracting controversies over the years. Sometimes they are pointed in fists fights or for just being rude to people. But they are still young to be throwing in some bad behaviors especially where their career is concerned. However, they seem to be unbothered about these claims. Everyone seem to be having an Ubuntu Band story, which is allegedly fueled by their Director.

The trio which consists of Thami, Gavin, and Maney has been the crème de la crème of the entertainment industry in the country. Their songs have been one of the best songs in the country and have now managed to even set a foot outside the county. They have been under the tutelage of Director Mo who also has William Last under him.

They have scored international collaborations with Lesotho’s sensation who is famously known as Malome Vector. Together they made a hit song dubbed ‘magoane’ which has been one of the best songs lately. They have in the past been compared to Blaq Diamond, the duo that is heavily talented and famous for songs like ‘ibhanoyi.

They brag about over 80 000 followers on Facebook. They have also been nominated for the Annual Glitz Awards for Best Song Of the Year (Ngwana Msetsana), Best Song Writer Of the Year, Best collaboration artist of the year and Best Upcoming Artist of the Year Africa.

Recently Ubuntu Band has social media lit when they shared their hot snaps which were serving. We know the trio consists of gentlemen who melts a lot of women’s hearts and they just gave them more reason to be loved than to be hated. The trio had just did their haircuts in one of the prominent barbers in town known as Legends. They just looked very clean and dashing in their new haircuts.
The trio, did a photo-shoot that set social media ablaze and they were just dashing in their outfits and new haircuts. A gentleman’s finery is often picked when they are draped in a suit and a very hot haircut. They have also hinted that they have many more projects coming with Legends, I guess in due time they will share with their fans, what they are working on. But for now we are here for their dashing wardrobe and clean hairstyles that got people talking. Although they attract too much controversy, they remain committed to their brand and doing the most out there.
Main Pic;their facebook profile
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