This Is Why Thapelo Letsebe Is A Competitive Person

He knows his story

By  | Sep 11, 2021, 01:38 PM  | Thapelo Letsebe  | Fashion

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Botswana's influencer and fashionista does not seem like someone who would definitely take competition seriously because we would imagine the number of people that are trying to be in competition with him are a lot.

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Well Thapelo has admitted that he has picked up a very bad habit and this is all courtesy of the coronavirus. Speaking to The Voice Of Botswana, Thapelo said he wants to be regarded as the best in the industry and as such this has pushed him to work hard researching new and exciting ways of becoming the best version of himself as humanly possible.

Thapelo has worked with a number of brands since he had this interview. He has clearly been working and we definitely are loving this for him.

He has worked with Bernini on a campaign and from the snaps he shared, he was so excited for it.

In one of the snaps he shared, he had a glow board and he mentioned that he is about his hustle, things he wants to achieve now and in the future and that is to dominate the world, "maintaining my sanity while I kill the make-up game and having a full on unisex Thapelo Letsebe make-up range"

He has also worked with Beefeater London. Although this campaign started running during the lockdown, Thapelo was already in drinking mode, not that he was encouraging people to get drunk or something. He most definitely was not.

He said, "Since we cant go to parties, have the party come to you!!!Jamming for one is where its at, especially with our covid cases going up everyday…luckily for me, I have the best company 😬Listens to me without talking back and gets me in the mood! 😂On the real though, positive vibes to everyone during these trying times! We will dance again ♥️"

Thapelo has beat almost every tswalebs's face and surprisingly what initially started with lifestyle blogging grew to now a makeup service, a design company as well as an overall personal brand that can be trusted. The fashion designer, makeup artist, and blogger is always ahead of the curve and has been over the course of his many years in the game.

These are the faces he has beaten for the make-up gods:
Thapelo is famous for his celebrity clientele base. He has done styling and make-up for Mascom Chief Communications and Public Relations Officer, Tebogo Lebotse-Sebego; Rb2 presenter, Khumo Kgwaadira; Stanbic Bank Head of Marketing, Stephanie Stoneham and afro-pop artist Samantha Mogwe.

Speaking to The Weekend Post, Thapelo mentioned that he has also worked with Tshepo Ntshole and he described her as more than just a friend, "she is my biggest cheerleader who genuinely wants to see me succeed in life. That celebrity quality is not there when we are together. They are just people,” 

“I went to school to study Accounting, but there was no passion burning within me. I always knew this not what I wanted to do. I just wanted to make my mother happy. I have always been a creative.” Letsebe expressed self-gratification with his skills as they have opened doors for him. “This job needs somebody who is bubbly and tenacious. My craft has taken me to places I never thought I could be. I am living life in the fast lane and I am enjoying it,” he added.

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