Teacher Turned Plus Size Model And Influencer

Lemmy Read most curvaceous teacher in Botswana

By  | Apr 05, 2022, 02:16 PM  | Fashion

lemmy Read the only teacher in Botswana with a huge following
Social media influencers are associated with good jobs and classy lifestyles. Many showcase their high-end offices and workstations. Rarely do we have social media influencers dubbed as teachers. Teachers are known to be boring and fashion tasteless. Many are overlooked for their humility and simple lives. One Lemmy Mmamoremi Kgosiemang alias Lemmy Read from Gaborone has gone against all known character, looks, fashion, and hobbies associated with teachers.

The curvaceous mathematics teacher cum influencer has a following of over 350k followers on Instagram and over a thousand followers on Twitter. The naughty teacher must have attracted the following due to her large bums and sleek sense of style. Her body looks good in everything. Meet her in dress and the teacher kills it. From her pictures it is clear she teaches a boys’ school; they must be suffering each time she stands to teach. Fans joke about how the boys are unable to concentrate but she argues that she is professional in her work.

Not only does she have a good physique but also skilled make-up tricks. Her brows are ever done regardless of being in class or not. She is also an interior décor freak; her space looks elegant and organized. Her love for nice furniture and lovely stuff cannot go unnoticed. Her wardrobe is to go for as it holds designer outfits, shoes, perfumes, and handbags. A true ambassador of soft life. Her favorite caption is ‘what Lemme wants, Lemme gets.’

The plus-size model loves showing off her huge bums, her pictures are ass-ets focused. She does a good work of encouraging plus-size women. She advises women to embrace their bodies, “You can be fat and still sexy. It depends on how you feel about yourself.” She wrote on one of her Insta posts. This was to encourage women to not lose themselves in trying to lose weight. Slim and flat tummies women have been perceived as the most beautiful. Women are trying to meet these societal standards by doing the unthinkable. Lemmy has proven society wrong; everyone is beautiful in their ways she says.
A large following especially on Instagram has made her an influencer like Woolworth SA and Youthful living. Many brands are advertising through her. She is lucky to add some coins to her teaching salary. She loves traveling and takes time to visit the local parks. In her visit to Chobe National Park, she revealed that the world was hers to explore, and she sure is exploring.

Lemmy has been able to maintain a personal profile on her love life and family members. She rarely talks about her relationships. Good move madam teacher, this has kept her from scandals and maintained her career as a teacher reputation.








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