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These celebs take cool to the next level

By  | May 29, 2021, 09:12 AM  | Shona Ferguson  | Fashion

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Hate or love them, Tattoos have grown quite popular over the years. Every Tattoo has a different meaning or story behind it and some of our favorite celebrities have gotten inked for many different reasons and most of the tattoos have us itching to also follow suit.

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While some celebs have the worst tattoos, the following celebrities are serving tattoo inspiration with their tasteful ink.

Shona Ferguson

Probably the one that first comes in many people’s minds when the word tattoo is brought up, is Shona Ferguson. Shona boasts a variety of tattoos and it’s just so unfair how one of the coolest celebrities also possesses the coolest tattoos. He is a fan favorite especially among the ladies and it’s no doubt that the cool ink on him is one of the many reasons women crush on him.

If there is one person who has tattoos that tell a story look no further than Oneal Madumo. The star first made waves throughout the continent when he participated at the Big Brother Africa and ever since he has only grown bigger and continues to make a name for himself. In one of his interviews, he opened up more about his tattoos and said that he possesses four tattoos that reflect his spirituality. Oneal said that his tattoos were inspired by the bible with one tattoo in particular written that Greater Is He That Is In Me Than He That Is In The World and that now that’s just more than a tattoo, it’s a story and a cool one.

Alicia Ferguson

The latest addition to this list of celebrities is of course the child of our favorite power couple, the Fergusons. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree after all and this is just enough proof after the daughter took from her father’s book who is well renowned for his tattoos. The first time she showed off the tattoo was during her gym session with her mom, Connie, and a lot of her followers couldn’t help but react to the raving beauty of her ink. The new skin art is on her sleeves and looks professionally done which should always be the case for something that you stay with for a lifetime.

Berry Heart

The singer is not only popular for her singing abilities or her curvy body only. She has a variety of tattoos and opened up that she has four of them, one of them a sea horse that is hard not to miss unlike the others, which remains a mystery to many people. However, the one that many knows is cool enough for us to assume that the other three follow the same pattern and only leaves us eager to know what her other skin art looks like.
Dj Fresh is by far the biggest tattoo aficionado. 70% of his body is covered in ink and we can't help but swoon when ever we see them in all their glory.

Kagiso Sento who is also Vee Mampeezy's wife has two tattoos that we know of. One on her chest and one on her upper back. She originally had another small tattoo on her back, which was then replaced by this rose tattoo.

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