Meet Star Hezek Phalane: The Incredible Fashion Designer!

He is a man of many talents

By  | Aug 08, 2022, 04:07 PM  | Fashion

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Star Hezek Phalane is one of the most sought after fashion designers, who have been doing the most lately with his talent. he has done designs for a lot of reputable brands in the country such as Makhadzi and Kedi Molosiwa also known as Lezozo.

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His designs earned him a name in the world of fashion. He was famous from My Star talent search, and was one of the many singers who did the most with their vocal capability. He is also one of the dancers in  Mophato Traditional Group, the young man has many talents.

Here is one of the many designs that earned him a name.

Makhadzi's Custom Made Outfit
This outfit hit social media street with a snowball, it set tounges wagging and did the most when Makhadzi came to perform in Botswana.

"Not so long ago i posted a design on Facebook...tryana get Makhadzis attention and her bw associates to put me on.. .....talked to so many  people who i thought would hook me up with the queen...some hanging up calls on me ....some giving me every reason why i shouldn't do it ...than why i should........guess what i did yesterday.

No measurements, no formal fittings
I just showed up with the outfit and she was like ...".i think we have a grand opening gown" .....baaaam....such humility

Moral of the story.... Dont let anybody and i mean anybody to stand on your way ...lest you remain with your dreams ke ira outfit ye ka bomo
Thank You Makhadzi"

As it custom that the Hezek designs always make it to the Mrs Botswana fashion show, this year she made yet another show stopping designer that scooped position 2.

"After being placed 2nd at the national fashion design(finale) competition ,i didnt even bother to question  why ,how and so on.....because for sure i had really prayed and worked hard for that first prize which i didnt get at the final leg unfortunately. and that hit me hard .and was left with so many thing about me if i lose something i really invested all myself on i breakdown ...yoh!

However eventually  i realized i have long outgrown chasing dreams bt rather im that african dream i wanted to chase so bad.I am enough and my creative presence cannot go unnoticed

Back to the design attached is another special masterpiece that reminded me of my collection at the competition. It wasnt easy creating it as it took me back.....but at the same time fiiled my heart with joy knowing im creating something that best expresses how i feel even if it was themed. 
Thank you Oratile Phirie for trusting me with such a unique technology inspired garment.

 "if this aint  both creative and  commercial piece then i do not know." 
To the future!!!!!"
"If I was to have a word with the 20year old Star Hezek .I would tell him  you are greater than everything you have lost... the job you lost,the friends you lost ,the you you have lost ,the possessions you have lost....

Speaking of e possessions kana I once ate in the streets ......and nobody would notice....I had lost all my's a long life gamble story.) Ke tla buwa story se ha ke na le maatla.

So I would tell this young man gore you are greater than the broken ,hurt, doubtful ,suicidal young man you look like .....God surely has a plan B,C,D,E Etc for you. All you have to do is remember why you started all this in the first place.

The road to self/passion discovery hasn't been an easy one.For somebody who has always been too shy to express themselves, for a guy who has always been too quite to cry out loud ,share my pains ,share my testimonies....for a young who has never been inspired by any male figure...for a guy who has always suffered from low self esteem and lack of self confidence.

The guy who has been hurt several times...cried myself to sleep several times.....and for that guy that regained strength in secret....that guy who stayed strong despite the trials and the heart wrecking tribulation.....that guy who never stopped trying.
Most importantly that guy who has never been afraid to fail....cos it's through the fails that made me realize my strength and a way to get back up.....
I have found a best friend in designing and I have seen the journey get better and promising every time.ive seen the pain,hurt and misery get easier with every fashion piece designed.

I have shared those 2 works because they have  inspired me to do even hopeful and courageous."
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