Maxine Magwape's Makeup Empire

Now THIS is the life

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Maxine Magwape  | Fashion

The beauty industry is a billion dollar business with most of it's consumers being women of Colour, and yet due to structural reasons, oftentimes it's biggest consumers don't get to get in on the action. Over the past few decades however Black women have gotten on the bandwagon and started to make bank as make up artists, hair and nail technicians and manufacturers of the products we consume. One such woman is Maxine Magwape.  Maxine is the founder and owner of Maxine Makeup and Hair studio and the face of her brand - And oh, what a lovely face it is!

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Maxine has beat the faces of some of the most gorgeous women in the game - From Yaya Diamond and Charity Baaitse to Mmina Gaebonwe and Rea Kopi.

Her frequent travels with husband Mbakiso Magwape means she gets to take her work overseas often and spread her wings and brand.

We couldn't possibly wrap this post up without mentioning her iconic wedding, which many of you might have read about earlier on this year. The Magwape's tied the knot in Thailand, the same place they got engaged, a couple of months ago, and it was a wildly extravagant, gorgeous affair. Speaking to BGStyle, Maxine said she'd gained inspiration from West African brides she follows, and how they go all out for their big day.

Recently M & M (How adorable, right?) added four more rings to their union  - An Audi, to be precise, and we're ecstatic to know the duo is living their best life together. Check out the gorgeous snaps Maxine shared of the big reveal below.

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