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Inside the life of one of Botswana's famous people

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Maxine Magwape has always been goals in all areas of her life but how much do you know the real Maxine?

Maxine is a makeup artist and a social media icon who offers makeup, hair styling, and wig retail at her retail store, Maxine Hair and Makeup.

Maxine might always be in the spotlight but here are some of the interesting facts about her that you didn’t know or probably missed.

She Is A Married Woman

She is married to Mbakiso Magwape and the two have managed to form a strong partnership.

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Maxine Magwape Youtube Channel
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Maxine’s youtube channel has been one of the fastest-growing, keeping fans glued to her content and gaining new subscribers by the day. In a video on her channel called Life Update | Diary Sessions the star admitted that Youtube was not really her favorite social network and only had a trial because of the lockdown but the response she got from the first video changed her opinion of Youtube and from then she has continued to make content for the social network that she once looked down upon and now has grown to love it by the day. She also said that the reason she started using her Youtube channel wasn’t for the sake of money and she called it a very big mistake for someone to partake in something for the sake of the financial side only.

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Make-Up History

Growing up Maxine was always into art, loved to draw and paint almost anything she could, and that interest later developed into wanting to do makeup which is also an art of its own. She is also self-taught and has never attended any school to learn about what she specializes in now and that will shock a lot of people considering how good she is proving the fact that some skills do come naturally and just need to be nurtured and practiced to be perfected. Maxine only started doing makeup in 2015 after finishing University and the following year is when she decided to turn it into a business.

Country Of Choice

There is no denying that the star loves her country. In her own words, she said “Home will always be home” but if faced with a choice to relocate Maxine would prefer a country with a lot of love for art, culture, and good weather which leaves us more curious than ever because there are a lot of countries that make it to the list.

Education History

Maxine is one of the many educated stars in the industry studying Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English Language, Literature, and African Languages at the University Of Botswana. 

Skin Care Routine 

One thing many fans of Maxine have been dying to know is the secret to her ever glowing skin and what products she uses. Shockingly Maxine says that there is no secret product or special recipe that she uses on her skin to get a flawless look. She has obviously tried other products in the past mostly expensive which have guaranteed results but they don’t work for her and has since switched to normal soap and lotions.

Maxine is one of the most loved figures and her journey from learning how to do makeup entirely on her own and a little help from Youtube and later making a business out of it is one of the most inspiring things we love about her. 

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