5 Times Gee Gee Strauss Has Inspired Us

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By  | Sep 11, 2021, 04:49 PM  | GeeGee Straus  | Fashion

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Gape Aubrey Khudu famously known GeeGee Straus has evolved from the time we reported that he was clearly gonna be a big thing and we weren't lying, he is a HUGE thing now and we are still stanning.

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GeeGee is a model that is turning heads for sure wherever he is. We have rounded some of his Instagram snaps that he sure knew he was breaking the net but in his way.
These are straight from a smoking hot gun right? There's no other explanation for this beauty and creativity.

Well GeeGee is not inspiring us to be better models (which we may never be) or secure better friends who know how to kill photography but he is also telling get our lives in check. The 24-years-old has a  Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Studies and will be getting his Masters in International Politics very soon, if he hasn't already received it. Last we checked he was waiting for his graduation.

GeeGee is also the founder of the #boyinskirts movement, a movement which was influenced by an urge to challenge gender norms in Botswana. Speaking to Unlabelled Magazine, GeeGee said the idea of creating the movement came about after GeeGee travelled to China and saw the vast contrast in China's fashion industry to Botswana's and felt the need to step out and push boundaries.

"Through the movement, GeeGee has managed to challenge the norms of society and has raised topics of conversation such as homosexuality and other gender-based issues which are still very fragile and sensitive topics in Botswana. He has faced questions about his sexuality but only on social media, from a distance,"
said Unlabelled Magazine. 

Unlabelled magazine also said, GeeGee also started the movement to advocate and influence self-confidence in the youth in his country by showing them that you can be whoever you want and dress any way that you want and not be confined to people's views and opinions, 
"I also want everyone to be able to get into a clothing store and be able to buy any clothing item no matter which gender section it is from."

One thing GeeGee would love to see happen in the Botswana Fashion Industry is for the relevant people with the powers to invest in the industry. He told Fashion Meet Up Botswana, "I believe we have brilliant designers in the country, for example, Artcappella, these designers are prominent and their work can compete on an international level. Another thing is we need the right help from the ministry to fund fashion shows for designers to showcase their work, what we have now is not enough"

"Another thing is that designers also need think beyond just making clothing for personal clients. They need to also go out there and propose their lines to retail shops so they can ahead in business."

This is clearly a man with a plan and he knows what he wants, if you aren't inspired, we don't what will but we believe you are.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@geegee_straus
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