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Miss Palesa Molefe meets the crowned miss world 2021

By  | Apr 03, 2022, 08:33 AM  | Fashion

Beauty with brains
Le beauty queen miss Palesa Molefe is back home after representing the country at the 70th Miss world contestant in Puerto Rico.  Miss Karolina Bielawska from Poland took home the Miss World 2021 crown which had over a hundred contestant all representing their countries and culture. Miss Palesa was seen in a video having a good time with the crowned miss world. 

From her Ig stories Miss Palesa spent her time with other contestants, you could not fail but notice how she was mentioned in many Instagram stories, from being mentioned by the crowned miss world, to beauty Puerto Rico queens to official Botswana sites. She is surely a beauty of the people and her socializing skills matches her beauty.

She was among the group 8 members in the Miss world head-to-head challenge, where she wowed the judges with her eloquence and acuteness. She is well cultured and could not shy away from saying that she is a product of culture which she showcased with traditional attires and songs. She also revealed her love for art and creativity.

The crowned miss Botswana is a children advocate, recently, in her project Beauty with a purpose, the short haired beauty took on a project that advocated for children mental health ‘le ojwa le sale metsi’ which meant nurture and develop them while they are young. “Mental health plays an important role with how we deal with stress, how we relate to other people and how we can become great contributors of our society…. children aim to achieve better based on the lessons they learnt while they were younger.” She said in her video.

While helping the children to unlock their potential Miss Molefe pointed out that children growing with fear and inability to speak out is what causes depression for suppressing emotions throughout the years. Miss Palesa hoped to raise a generation that was independent and whole.

Miss Molefe joined the Stepping stones International to help in reaching out to educators in her efforts to ensure children got good education and are mentally empowered.

It is rare to find a beauty who is passionate about education, Miss Palesa is exceptional, she wants to make sure children are inspired to pursue their goals and dreams. She added that this could be achieved if only they were given a chance to be themselves, speak out and explore on their own. 

She concluded by saying that parents too should be taught on how to handle their children, how to respond to them and educate them on supporting them. She said some parents do not know how to handle sensitive issues or help children when they express themselves which scares them off.

She encouraged children to come out and get help, “it’s okay to not be okay” said Molefa.

She thanked the government of Botswana for supporting her vision, giving her access to schools to educate and talk to school children especially girls.


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