Fans Droll Over Uua Murangi's Winter Fashion!

Uua makes fashion relevant in winter

By  | Jun 30, 2022, 04:21 PM  | Fashion

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Uua Murangi is the former Miss Botswana Top 3 finalist. She was loved for her natural long hair which many believed represented the beauty of an African woman or rather African beauty. She had a huge following and she still does. Fashion is so common amongst celebrities but trust Uua Murangi to do fashion hacking for you and she would still look stylish. Lately, on Instagram she has been showing many people that winter does not take away the essence of fashion from people. The runaway beauty Queen has been sharing hot winter styles and these are some of the styles she shared.

Bulky Pants & short-sleeved white shirt
This look is super cool with a subtle warm look yet luring style. Her followers could not get enough of her winter season style. This is Uua Murangi and she can be very creative when it comes to her image. She knows how to doll herself up. This is what she had to say of this look. "I don’t know how everyone else is wearing their sweatpants but me? myself? imma tucking one leg in so you can see my fashion-forward bootie (if I say so myself, and I do say so myself bc white boots? I’ve been needing these❤️) but imma also leaving one leg out so you can see the zip detail on the pants.
SWIPE for the zip detail
This look received a positive review and she is smashing this winter vibe thing. this is what her fans have been saying about this gorgeous look. Some are surely learning and taking notes from her.

Jeans With a crop top
this look is very elegant and stylish at the same time. She did not have to do much on this look but she is still slaying. Her white boots are adding a very rare kind of style. She is looking very elegant in those and is sticking to those this season. While we can not deny her boots add a flair of their own, we love how she is trying them on different styles. Boots are popular during the winter season but definitely not white boots but this is what Uua is bringing.

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"All I’m doing this winter is spending time in these boots and jeans, if you keep seeing them over and over, you’re welcome. Please swipe for the baddie that is the detail on these. Also,
@cottonon_africa jeans are made for my body please what a fit. What a color!?.
This is the look that caught Samantha Mogwe's Attention and she responded by saying, "You are perfect". She is indeed perfect, who else can be that super creative with such a winter style. Uua nailed these styles and she nailed them big time.
The Shades Of Brown
Uua looks beautiful in these shades of brown. She looks comfortable and elegant in this outfit.

"I think I was gonna post that I wished that this sweater came cropped but I do not believe I truly want that. I want pieces I can mend, bend and mold into whatever I need at the time, especially in winter. So here you have the classic tie-dye look that only @glottobrand can give you, and instead of pairing it with pants and being the coolest kid."

"I've said maxi skirt and you get a mosadi wa thapelo look which I surprisingly love. I guess I'm not cool 24/7 and that is normal, normal too is okay.
So then this is a rant. Anyway, just remember to manipulate your clothes into whatever you be needing at the moment."
she said of the look.
This is one of the posts that many people loved and they were drooling over this look.
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