This is why Bk Proctor’s Collections are trendy!


By  | Jun 20, 2022, 04:46 PM  | Bk Proctor  | Fashion

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After setting up breathtaking designs which took the fashion streets by snowstorm, Collections by Bk Proctor has introduced a fresh face to style. The trademark is a lifestyle brand that specializes in footwear, apparel and accessories. The brand was officially launched in August 2018 and currently has one active concept studio in Fairground Mall alongside a highly active online presence. 

“We are a fashion influenced brand that aims to bring to life high-quality masterpiece designs for the globally conscious consumer. Young and older professionals as well as anyone who resonates accordingly with the sneakers and any of our other products,” BK Proctor said in an interview with Tswalebs.

The young talented personality shared that his passion for creativity and innovation was infused with his love for fashion and unique designs. That was essentially the starting point which lead to the creation of his brand

“Transforming from being an Artist-Producer in the music industry who loves shoes, to now creating footwear and apparel was not a hard move per say as the principles of creativity and creation between the two industries are somewhat similar. Setting up a business from scratch of course has its own challenges yes but for me I learnt and adopted to the growing demands for the success of the brand,” highlighted.

“This business means a lot to me, my employees as well as our loyal clientele. Its impact has ignited the spirit of pride and celebration of our own local brands and products which will go a long way in having Batswana support more locally owned business.”

Sneakers has been an in thing for years now, and setting up high quality sneakers can be challenging, but with him he has managed to let his creative juices flow to this brand. 

“Our brand aims to create a meaningful and stylish lifestyle products for fashion-adventurous individuals who pride themselves in celebrating their individuality. And we believe this product adds to that lifetime goal. Our business is currently only focused on sustaining and feeding its current demand. We look forward to growing accordingly and hopefully to think about exports when the time fits with our general strategic plan,” he said.

“We want to continue focusing more on our core product, footwear. We have a long list of footwear lines we have been sampling and preparing that we are looking to release late this year.”

The company designs, develops and manufacture products that are not only to suit its purpose but also to have a sense of style and design. When reflecting on how far they have come as a brand he said, “We were established in 2017 and launched in 2018, then opened our first flagship store at Oasis Motel Complex in 2019.”

“Since then, we have been working on the development and growth of our business. We understand that growth takes time hence why we still conceptualize and design all our products here in Botswana and manufacture across 14 factories in Asia. Over 90% of our brand footwear designs are designed to fit into different occasions and serve different needs.”

Collections by BK Proctor has managed to attract the right attention, genuine following and a large clientele all in a short period of time. Which he said the collective impact was a first and biggest highlight for them. 

“Since inception we have managed to open our first flagship store at Oasis Motel Complex, In 2020 we were awarded the most influential brand in Botswana by 100 Brands Africa. We sponsored the 2021 Yarona Fm Awards along with Mascom, FNB, Hollard Our most recent and something launched late last year was our collaboration with St. Louis Lager in making a St. Louis branded sneaker for their Jwa Rona Can Campaign. We are excited to share with you that we are working on a collaboration with First Capital Bank for this year,” he shared.

Currently they are planning to opening future concept studios/ stores with this design style, starting with one in Francistown as well as several locations across Botswana. The brand that is innovation led, pride itself in its bold aesthetic approaches and harmonious blend of art with fashion, beauty and Lifestyle. Which has subsequently landed them best reviews and feedback.

“The feedback towards our brand has been mostly positive, highly progressive and the demand for our products is overwhelming so currently with the new store at Fairground Mall, it’s a step in the right direction to be closer to our customers and followers. We are working on the next concept store in Francistown and other places across Botswana. Our quality speaks for itself and it’s something we lead with in all our products to business dealings,” BK Proctor said.

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