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Set spotlight on African Print

By  | Jun 21, 2022, 01:14 PM  | Berry Heart  | Fashion

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She defines herself as a Multi-Award Winning Artist, Fashion Consultant, Entrepreneur, Future Multi Billionaire, Branding & Communications, and Online Marketer of Note. There is no doubt that the hard-working mother is a force and is determined to serve us with the best designs of Africanicity.

Fashion takes different shapes. Sometimes it is expressed through modern linen or traditional linen. With Berry Heart, she decided to go the traditional route but also pay attention to the modern-day high-class sartorial. She has been able to infuse modern and traditional print bringing out modern flair to traditional wear. This is what will always stand out for her brand.

African print has been trending lately with everyone wanting to own their cut. There is nothing that makes traditional designs fashionable like the modern-day knack. She has however brought diversity to a plethora of her designs. Anything traditional she sure knows how to knock us out with her skills. Her designs tag along with personality and class making her one of the most sought-after designers.

Having centered her family around her work, it is evident that her family comes first. hence  Baby Amari is always putting on some of her collections. Her designs cater to the young and the old. Her fiance also brings out the gentleman class and has always been lavish in the Berry Heart traditional wear.  The family is always serving goals in her outfits.

Having such great talent at her disposal, she has attracted celebrities who have run to her for the latest breathtaking designs from her closet. Here are some of the celebrities who looked dapper in her designs.

Amantle Brown is one of the celebrities that always look fine in the Berry Heart outfits. Here is one of her Instagram snaps that took out her beauty draped in one of the collections from BH.

Amantle Brown is so smitten with the designs that now and then she is spotted on her designs. We love that she brings magic to anything that she touches and she can tailor red carpet, outdoor outfits, gym outfits as well as winter wear. Here is another Instagram snap of Amantle Brown all dolled up in her designs. One of the best designs she has tailored from scratch.

This design broke the internet recently when she announced that the outfit is worth P40 000. This is not the first time her outfits were worth that amount. The least outfit she made before this one was sold in Germany for P40 000 as well.

"If you stick around me for a while, I will convince you to believe that you can be anything you want in life because your dreams are valid. Go out there and win,"

Fashion lover and owner of Nora Cosmetic always look stunning in the Berry Heart outfit.
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