5 Times We Loved Amantle Brown In Berry Heart Designs!

Its a Berry Heart affair

By  | Jul 29, 2022, 11:34 AM  | Amantle Brown  | Fashion

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Amantle Brown is one of the local celebrities who are style conscious and we love how she plays around with her sense of style. She is very comfortable with any kind of style and she knows how to play her cards right when it comes to her style. Today we look at all the Berry Heart designs that she did justice to and got people talking.

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The Black Designer Dress
The body-hugging murky dress with fierce feather trim was one of the designs she turned heads. This Berry Heart design is fit for cocktails and any red carpet event. The sizzling dress is for women who love style and elegance.
“You look great on everything. This one is called 'Butterfly' and meant for you. Made for you. You remind me of a butterfly, which has so much of color on its wings but it doesn't realize so. Butterflies play a very great role in nature. 

It flies so effortlessly. Over the years I saw you effortlessly maneuver your way through life with the power of your voice. Ngngng, u don't try too hard, your work positions you, deservedly so like a butterfly catches the attention of humanity among all other animals upon the face of the earth. A mighty great artist of our time,” Berry Heart said.
Ashante Goddess!

This multi-colored dress which fits occasions such as weddings is also gorgeous. The star indeed looked stunning draped in it.
“This number is called The Ashanti Goddess, went to Swahili Fashion Week 2021 in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. A Ghanaian Kente mean number, the cloth was from one of the Royal Kingdoms of the Ashante Region in Kenya, a place rich in Gold and Royalty. I held on to that cloth for years until last year

Your voice baby girl is GOLD, and the number makes you look like Royalty. Shine baby girl shine!,” Berry Heart said.
Leteisi Flair
The german print has been the in thing lately and people have embraced it so hard that they are now showing every fashion face of it. This is one of the gowns that show that Berry is not here to play.

"A whole entire babe girl. This one is from our Tseo Collection, it's named Shegho, A shekgalagari meaning Sego. 'Shego Sha Maze,' 'Sego Sa Metsi,'. E apara ha go le monate that's #gomonate
You will make a beautiful bride and the glam team would be so happy to doll you up with our creations. Culture looks great on you, you are alluring," berry Heart.
Umoja Touch!
This is one of the gowns that took the Berry Heart brand before kings and beyond boarders and loved how the star was just dazzling on this one.
“That dress Baby Girl is called UMOJA, A Swahili meaning togetherness. It was in Dar es Salam Tanzania for the Swahili Fashion Week 2021. It won many hearts.

The dress has many African Fabrics from different countries, Botswana Leteitshe, South African Shweshwe, Zambian Chitenge, Nigerian Ankara, Ghanaian Kente and Senegalese Hirtaget.

With that being said baby girl may your music take you to those countries and many more. Your life , i decree and declare that it changed the moment you wore that dress. Receive it and get your passport ready. Save this comment for future reference. Much love daughter of mine.”
She wore this dress during Sasa Klass’s memorial service, and she set social media alight because of the amount it is worth. It was worth a whooping P4 000. Batswana just don’t believe in spending ridiculous amounts in money, but this dress is worth it.


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