Fashion Goals: Botswana's Leading Ladies

Here is who made it to the list

By  | Apr 20, 2021, 11:21 AM 

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A woman with great taste always kills it in the fashion department, hence we are also blessed to have some of Botswana's most loved female fashion gurus, who have cemented their style icon status with their great fashion sense. These leading ladies in fashion don't commit any fashion offenses and they always turn heads whenever they show up with their top-notch fashion goals , and we love it!

Here is a list of some of the country's most fashionable celebs who know to slay the 'gram with their trendy fashion choices.

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1 Masi Sithole.

The TV presenter has earned her Trenderster title with her breathtaking fashion pieces and she continues to leave her legion of gans mesmerized by her beauty. Whether she is attending an award show or she is just heading out to buy a loaf of bread, sis always brings on some heat.

Her style is impeccable and she compliments it with her beautiful skin and body. A first glance at her Instagram profile proves that she is a fashionista of note and she always puts her best fashion foot forward to impress.

2 Kagiso Sento.

The mother of three is always shining like a goddess with her impeccable fashion taste. Sis is blessed with both beauty and a sharp mind and she is also considered an all-around fashionista and trendsetter.

Kagiso is always serving fabulousness and royalty on social media and she is not afraid to try on new hairstyles to compliment her looks.

Kagiso was the first person to have a custom gown designed by an international designer in Botswana. This comes after she wore a custom made wedding gown by SA designer Gert Coetzee.
3 Miss Geekays.

The media personality is constantly breaking the barriers in fashion and redefining beauty with her killer fashion goals. Sis always slays the 'gram with her elegant looks and she is slowly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry.

Whether it is a simple look or an expensive one, she ticks all the boxes.
4 Maxine Magwape.

The list could not be complete without mentioning Maxine. Fans cannot often get enough of the beauty and fashion influencer's style. Sis always looks fashionable on social media and she definitely knows how to steal hearts. The beauty has been raising the bar high in fashion and beauty even during the lockdown period proving that her wardrobe has endless fashion choices.

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