Emtee Threatens To Sue Flvme

The hip-hop artists light up the Twitter streets.

By  | Feb 14, 2021, 10:28 AM  | Emtee 

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The Twitter streets have been quiet in terms of drama this weekend. It could be that love is in the air as it is Valentine’s Day. But it seems that the weekend could not pass without some drama taking place on the platform as rapper, Flvme continued his assault on fellow hip-hop artist, Emtee. The flare up has been bubbling under for the past week, but now Flvme has embarked on a one-way twar with himself.

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A recap for those that are just getting into the tea: This past week, Emtee took to Twitter to pat himself on the back for allegedly creating the best hooks in the game. The former Ambitiouz Entertainment signee looked for a co-sign on his statement on Twitter, only to come up against Flvme suggesting that he is better than Emtee.  This resulted in tweeps catching strays as Emtee did what he is known to do best- talk a whole lot of game on Twitter.
At the time, tweeps were just confused on who Flvme is and asked those questions on the timeline. We are guessing, that is when Flvme thought this-is-the-perfect-time-to-introduce-myself by dropping a diss track dedicated to the continually troubled musician.  The “Dead or Alive” rapper released “By Accident” in the late night, but has already garnered traction on the track.
The single hinges on the sound bait of Emtee suggesting that he will not engage with Flvme because of his the age difference between the two. Moreover, because he- Emtee- is a father and Flvme is not.  Question, does that fact that the most memorable part- hook- of the song is Emtee’s sound bait prove what Emtee was saying?
Moving on, following the release of the diss track, tweeps immediately took to Twitter to share their sentiments on the matter. Many commended Flvme for taking the step of releasing the track. However, tweeps did not forget to add the shade by suggesting that the song is Flvme’s introduction to the mainstream music industry. Fact: Flvme is part of the rappers that have created a cult following on social media and streaming platforms, but has not had the same impact in the mainstream. So with the diss track, Flvme has now put his foot in.
If you were wondering whether Emtee has listened to the song, well the rapper responded as soon as he woke up to the news. The “Themba” hit maker made it clear that he did not listen to the diss track- as there are others that he did not listen to in the past.  Moreover, when asked if he will respond, Emtee made it clear that you can give him zero and mark him absent; basically a hard no.
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