Zeus: COSBOTS Is Not At Fault, Radio Stations Are!

Issa mess!

By  | May 02, 2020, 09:13 AM

Botswana artists are fed up with the Copyright Society of Botswana. Artists are claiming that the body has been shortchanging them and many of them are languishing in poverty over unpaid royalties.

Jazz artist Thabang Gaorogwe spoke to the Midweek Sun earlier this week about the deplorable conditions artists are in because of COSBOTS.

"When COSBOTS was established we thought it was our breakthrough as we would be paid for our talent but the opposite is true. Most artistes are living under squalor conditions in one room dwellings not knowing what to eat on most days. Our songs are being played on radio but we don't see the money. We have to beg on all fours before we get a pat out."

Artist are getting payouts that range from P40 to P400, rapper Scar even posted a screenshot of his recent payment and it is heartbreaking.

However rapper Zeus thinks artists are blaming the wrong party. According to him, with radio stations evading payment to the COSBOTS and the fact that only a very small part of the money COSBOTS pockets comes from local music as radio stations favour international music.

"Despite putting out P3 Million for the last distribution COSBOTS is still scapegoat no.1, BW artists don't seem to get that only about 20% of that figure was due to locals because airplay favours international acts + some stations lack of compliance (payment) 

Shocking to see some stations refuse to pay royalties to the extent that COSBOTS had to take them to court. Meanwhile Artists rotating on those stations think COSBOTS e ba jela madi when the wrongdoers are elsewhere. Also shouldn't take a crisis to up BW music on local radio." 

Hopefully the move by Yarona FM to up Botswana music to 50% will result in more money in artists' pockets. Zeus is also very cautious about this recent development.

"This is awesome, especially if this is backed up with payment of #royalties because spins without payments create a false impression of support to both Artists and the public."

Main Image Credit: botswanayouth.com