Vee Mampeezy Charged For Breaking Lockdown Regulations

His meeting ended in tears

By  | Dec 10, 2020, 12:58 PM  | Drama

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Vee Mampeezy's fans were deer in the headlights yesterday after news of his summon for questioning at the Broadhurst police station went viral.

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According to Mmegi Online, the multi-award-winning musician has been charged with two counts by the police. The first count is of hosting an illegal meeting and the second one is for breaking the lockdown regulations.

According to the news site, Vee had hosted a meeting on Tuesday without a permit and police ended that meeting. The musician then proceeded to the police station to ask for a permit which was approved and he hosted a gathering with more than 50 heads.

Scar tweeted that the musician was at the police for questioning and his tweet has set tongues wagging on what might the reason behind his questioning. Vee then confirmed that he was at the police station but did not divulge details surrounding his questioning.

The musician was released in the afternoon yesterday and according to Mmegi Online, he told the media that his charges would cost him P10 000.

Speaking to the media he said he is not a coward “One thing about me is that I am not a coward, I do not fear anything but I am humble no wonder I can easily talk to people," he said.

The musician has been slamming the government for not opening up the entertainment industry. He has stated on several occasions that artists are suffering

"It looks like Botswana Covid is the biggest in the world because other countries are trying to easy things but rona re gagamditse, SA has opened the Music industry, Namibia has opened Malawi opened etc...Rona we are still not allowed to move from zone to zone without permit one more time for the task force thank u," he wrote.

Vee recently took to Twitter to slam the Task Force Team for their strict lockdown regulations which see businesses not being able to generate more money and some closing down during these trying times. Vee even went to say that he is bankrupt.

"I would  like to congratulate the TASK FORCE TEAM, ur plan had worked  I'm officially bankrupt, big up to u guys for the good job u are doing  of destroying  Batswana  business, many Batswana companies have closed and people  are jobless!"

"Because of a great job u are doing of not listening to anyone and being stubborn. We are happy for u for making history that will leave Botswana's economy at the lowest,"
he tweeted.

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