Tsholo Dikobe Gazes Back At How She Overcame Her Dark Days

This is indeed inspirational

By  | Jul 28, 2022, 03:38 PM  | Tsholo Dikobe  | Drama

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Celebrities goes through the most like any other person, and they hit their rock bottom and sometimes need some strength from god or those that are close to them. Tsholofelo Dikobe is one of those.

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Last year she shared her testimony of how she overcame depression and overcoming her dark days. She is still back again to say God did it for her. When celebrities share these kind of stories, it motivate others that they can also overcome anything that life throws at them. This is what she said.

“I should have shared this a year ago but contemplated on it. Tonight I just felt I should. 

“Here goes. One day, almost 3 years ago when I was in a dark hole, in a depressive state of mind😩😪- I don’t know if I was in a deep slumber, dreaming or trying to shut my mind (depression) but a voice in aggression said to me, “archangel Michael is here”. 😦😳🥺It might have been around 2/3am. 🥺

Confused, shiver chills and all, I didn’t know what an arch angel was or who Michael was. The only Michael I knew was Michael Jackson. 🤣😢The king of Pop of music! But this name, arch angel Michael, my spirit somehow associated it with the Bible. 

I didn’t really know the Bible. Heck, I am STILL learning the word of God. But It was my first time hearing of that name and had not known of any arch angels or never heard of an arch angel before - not even at the church I regularly visited. Koore I had Never saw anything about an archangel ANYWHERE.

Anyway, Michael’s presence somewhat felt like a guidance or a commanding, authoritative lullaby to be still and know that “a higher power” was fighting for me in that depression. The voice was very commanding…like that voice would definitely be how a lion would sound if they weren’t roaring in their nature.😲

Mind you, I was new to church, Still at the genesis of the Bible and of the word - still getting bible lessons. I don’t read much into dreams but for some reason, this had startled me. Absolutely mind-boggled.

Still gob smacked, I wanted to know if the anti-depressants were taking a toll on me or if I was starting to hear voices. I asked the pastor of the church what an arch angel was or who Archangel Michael was. I learnt that arch angel Michael was a healing warrior. Archangel Michael is a healing angel, and then over time as a protector and the leader of the army of God against the forces of evil. 

When Michael arrives, a sense of protection and warmth immediately empowers you. His feeling of strength is obvious and you just know that Archangel Michael is near. Help has arrived. Anytime God wanted a fight or to fight for us, he will call onto arch angel Michael...that archangel Michael is the leader of God's forces against Lucifer's. I learnt that Holy St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in the Day of Battle.

This encounter really made me believe that even though I was going through the valley of shadow of death, God was really with me and God IS alive. But I was somewhat still shocked at this type of communication. Things of God. Impeccable. 

Oh my God. 😩😭🥺

Anyway, a strange thing happened, a blessing in disguise. My medication vanished into thin air. No where to be found. I turned my room and the house up-side-down looking for the meds and I didn’t find them. For some reason I didn’t go back for a re-fill. It was this happening that made believe that by his stripes I was healed…my clinical psychiatrist and doctor cleared me and documented that I was indeed healed. 

Totally. I didn’t need the meds, but should I feel any anxiety I should go back. They were shocked when I recalled the encounter. But Up to this day. It’s been years. Go fedile. Sala Ke fodile, GO FEDILE!!!! 😭🥺😨😰

It was THEN, thus encounter, that I really started believing that there is a higher power, God. 😧The father, the son and the Holy Spirit.

Before that encounter…Then, I was just going to church, some days believing, some days unbelief engulfed me… just Passing time…having conflicted thoughts - many questions and unanswered wonders. But after this encounter, everything changed. Though I have my days, this encounter turned me into a believer. I just don’t know how to doubt God’s presence and his help when I am at my weakest or when I can’t fight using my human strength. 

I am somehow reminded of this encounter again today, even after all the 2020/2021 anxieties or worries. I call unto God, and I know that arch angel Michael is always near and present - waiting on a call from God to fight for us. 

Tonight, I call onto God to release Arch angel Michael for those going through a battle(s) they are silent about, that arch Angel Michael fight on their behalf. May you receive healing tonight..and may you rest easy. Put all your worries and anxieties at God’s feet, tonight. 

May God take away that cup of sickness, that cup of despair, brokenness, loneliness, depression, suicidal thought and May you sleep, peacefully. In the mighty name of Jesus, We bind and break all principalities of darkness against our bodies, our spirits, our souls and minds. May goodness and mercy follow us and our families all the days of our lives. And May you thank God for your healing, for shining his face upon our lives this breathing moment. ✨🙏🏾

Oh God! 😭😢

I thank you for the gift of healing and overcoming! Friends, Faith and Hope is the currency of the heavens. Let’s hang on. 🙏🏾

Let’s keep on praying even if it feels like nothing is happening. 🤞🏾God already answered. If right now you are battling with your future, please know that God never begins until he’s finished. God finished you before he started you. Do you get that? 😮Your future is God’s past. What you were born to do is already finished. God would have not allowed for you to be conceived in your mother’s womb unless there was something already finished that you were born start. So It’s better to ask God for your purpose and plans and stop stressing. 🤗

This too shall pass. God has a plan for us. Plans to prosper and not to harm us. 🙏🏾❤️Plans to give us a hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11. 

He is not a man that he should lie. 🙏🏾

Keep comfort in knowing that. 

He is!”
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