Trevor Noah Gets The Boot

How can they do this to our fave?

By  | Apr 29, 2021, 04:32 PM  | Trevor Noah  | Drama

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The Daily Show host got attacked by an American TikTok user for apparently speaking out about injustices faced by black Americans. Trevor Noah became the centre of attention when Doug Romeo swore at him and told him to move back to South Africa.

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Trevor uses the platform provided by the Daily Show to speak about racism and all other social ills in that country. He always addresses issues minorities face in America and Doug finds that offensive.

Doug wants Trevor to 'shut up' because he has no experience about issues such as police brutality in the States, racism and so forth. He says he lives in a comfy mansion but bashes Americans for treating minorities the way they do. 

"He's South African he comes to America looking for a better life, he is provided one and then he has the nerve to talk sh*t about how bad every one is. I preferred you just stayed home and not have any part of our society because YOU are the problem.

“You come over here, you talk about how badly black people in America have it, how the f**k would you know? How do you know that? You've never struggled in this country, you live in mansions, you're taking it easy. What's your fu***ng struggle?”

Since moving to the States Trevor tripled his wealth. According to the Forbes list of the highest earning stand up comedians in 2019, he scooped a net worth of $28 million.

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