Kanye West Cancelled From The Grammy Award List 2022

Kanye West racist remarks on Trevor Noah

By  | Apr 04, 2022, 11:06 AM  | Trevor Noah  | Drama

Trevor Noah was shocked by Kanye West
Trevor Noah and Kanye west online bash is speculated to have costed the rapper his performance at the Grammys. The 64th Grammy, which was held last night in Las Vegas was rescheduled in January due to the fear of the Omicron virus spread. The comedian was the host of the music Awards.

Kanye is said to have been angered by Trevor Noah remarks on the Daily show which he hosts on CBS, he went ahead to vent on Instagram and later the post was considered racist. This post led to suspension of his account for 24 hours and days later the Recording Academy dropped the bad news that his performance had been canceled.

Trevor Noah in his discussion accused Kanye of jealousy. He said that Kim Kardashian who is Kanye’s ex-wife had moved on and looked happy with his new young lover Pete Davidson. Kim and Pete came out in public as dating months after Kanye had introduced his new girlfriend Chaney Jones. There were claims that Kanye was looking for another Kim as the new girlfriend stroke similar characteristics with Kim, from clothes to body posture, even though Chaney refuted the claims that she is anything like Kim.

Trevor said that Kanye West did not want to see his ex-wife happy, he explained how women are harassed by ex-lovers who failed to let go. People did not expect West a black man to attack a fellow black man. Many supported Trevor Noah saying he was just trying to lay down the whole thing and set straight West’s toxic traits. While others asked Trevor to not meddle in their affairs.

The two were divorced after six years of marriage and having four children together. The SKIMS founder revealed that she had decided to chose her happiness over her marriage. Kanye refused to undergo medication after alleged mental illness which explained his reckless and rogue behavior. He was seen as a threat to his wife and kids.

Trevor Noah has continued to make a name in the west countries and people have continued to applaud him for hosting the Grammys. Many have foreshadowed that he will soon be on the Oscars. In a tweet he argued that he had been misunderstood, saying he did not wish to see the rapper’s performance cancelled, he just wanted him to get help. Many agreed with him saying mental health had become the order of the day among the celebs, and what they needed was support and not hate or cyber bullying.

 The rapper had been nominated for five awards and the indefinite removal from the list was expected according to his spokesperson. 



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