Themba Celebrated More Than BBMzansi House Winner

Ghost Nation raise money to gift Themba for emerging third

By  | Apr 06, 2022, 08:50 AM  | Drama

Themba the ghost emerges third at teh season three BBMzansi finale
The Ghost Nation is on rage after Themba the Ghost lost the BBmzansi 2022 season three finales.  Themba emerged third with Michelle Mphowabadimo as first and Gash second. From their online rants, it is clear the Ghost Nation expected to take the R2million home. It came as a shock when their Ghost lost.

In the event, Themba could not hide his disappointment as he walked away looking fallen and beaten. The tattoo artist had already made plans of investing the prize in his drawing business. Themba who also draws did not foresee his failure.

Fans have gone on to celebrate him arguing that nobody could tell that he would have made it to the final, the artist who had managed to keep a low profile on the Big Brother Mzansi house play did not associate much with other actors. He kept to himself and never joined in house fights or scandals. It was because of his calmness and still behavior that he got love from millions across the world, now calling themselves ‘Ghost Nation.’

Some brands have been challenged to show appreciation to the Ghost by giving him gifts. Even though he lost Themba has become the talk of the town, he had predicted his side's victory in a talk where he said,” Someone will be bigger than the winner.” He just did not mention who and from the look of things, he is the someone.

His supporters have gone an extra mile and launched a campaign to pay him for his good work, in the Twitter movement Pay Themba 75k by the end of tonight, the artist has received over 100k from his fans' generous contributions. The Ghost Nation has proven to be the most supportive fans.

Some went ahead to ridicule the winners saying it was a blessing in disguise Themba emerged third and is celebrated more than the two winners. We all know their words are to ease the pain of the loss. All in all, Themba is loved. His family could not hide their joy after seeing him for the first time in three months since he joined the Big Brother Mzansi house. They showered him with gifts and praises. Fans came in and it must be nice being Themba at the moment. Losing and still getting celebrated. What a favor!








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