Ntando Duma Is In Big Trouble

Is this the end of her?

By  | Mar 29, 2021, 02:51 PM  | Drama

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Television actress and presenter Ntando Duma, who plays the character of  Mpho Sebata on Mzansi Magic's The Queen, is the latest SA actor to face scrutiny about her performing expertise.

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The actress recently joined the show produced by Ferguson Film and it seems her acting talent is not captivating viewers as they often question how she executes her character and her acting skills. Duma who previously starred in Rythm City as Zinzi Dandala, assumed a different role from the one she portrayed on the eTV's soap opera but it seems the transition has not been a great one to date as there is immense pressure on her to up the game on The Queen.

This is not the first time tweeps have expressed their views that her acting is weak but lately a tweet by a Twitter user gained momentum with several people weighing in on her acting. The Twitter user dragged her acting and said it is horrible "Ntando duma’s acting is horrible. yeses," following this tweet there has been a riveting debate on actors who are can't act. It seems avid watchers of the show are also not happy with Jessica Nkosi's acting as well on the show.

Tweeps commented.

-"Problem is the Fergusons tryna act like legends by giving people "a chance " to portray a different character... Ntando nailed the zinzi character on rhythm city that's a role that suits her. Jessica Nkosi nails a calm, collected role a ndlunkulu role, Brenda asimaz anje"
-"I genuinely think the problem is with the Queen because even Jessica Nkosi is absolutely horrible but we’ve seen them doing better."
-"I have nothing against her but I can't stomach her acting. That role could have been given to someone who's an actor by profession and new. Seems the queen did someone a favor."
- "She killed the rhythm city role but this one is a no-no. Even Jessica Nkosi’s acting is terrible on The Queen."
-"Ntando did well on rhythm city because she had a neutral flat role she was not required to show much emotion same as Jess the queen is testing their capabilities and they fail to deliver Shame."

Besides her "poor acting" Ntando has been winning in her career. The actress recently revealed that she is building her mom a house and it is nearly complete.

It is a season of blessings for Ntando as she was recently honored for her amazing parenting skills. Whilst dining at Moja Café in Soweto, Ntando got approached by a stranger who blessed her with R1000 for being the best mom ever! This kind gesture left her in awe and decided to share it on Twitter, “A guy gave me 1K at Moja Cafe today as a token of appreciation for being a great mother to my daughter, she said.

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