Scar's Suspended From Yarona FM!

Scar's crytpic tweet following suspension leaves tweeps confused.

By  | Oct 17, 2020, 01:35 PM  | Thato "Scar" Matlhabaphiri  | Drama

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Thato ‘Scar’ Matlhabaphiri has found himself getting suspended from Yarona FM following an altercation with a fellow co-host Boineelo Hardy. This raises eyebrows because the two presenters have great chemistry on-air however behind the scenes things are very bitter.

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The two popular presenters on Yaron FM found themselves exchanging very bitter words to each other during a live broadcast on their morning show, ‘Buffet and Breakfast. According to a witness on the radio show, their argument almost turned physical however that was prevented from happening by people around them who had to hold each of them back.

They have been working together for three months and were never in good terms. Their last argument saw them getting into serious trouble with the station and resulted in a 14-day suspension. Hardy however, still remains on the show and does her usual weekday slot, this time alone.

Not stopping their argument even after being thrown out the building, the two continued their argument by exchanging even more words at the parking lot. They were apparently arguing about who owns the show seeing how they both want to dominate.

An insider, who wanted to remain anonymous as per instructions from management, told Voice Entertainment that Boineelo Hardy does not like Scar very much.

"It’s a matter of egos. There have been several complaints between the pair and it was just a matter of time before things turned ugly. We were even scared there was going to be a physical altercation! I don’t think Boineelo Hardy likes Scar very much," the source added.

When contacted by the publication, Hardy did not want to speak any further about the incident and told the publication to contact Yarona management. "I have nothing personal against Scar. We have had differences but I have nothing to do with what you are referring to!"

Yarona FM Station Manager Keletso Ramputswa was not obliged to talk further about the incident, "Sadly due to contractual obligations between station, presenters and its employees I can’t discuss the potential breach in agreements," she informed.

Scar has turned to his usual self of going on a twitter rant and has tweeted a very cryptic tweet about a certain radio station. "How does a radio station report on gender based violence everyday and they can't report on the alleged gender based violence that transpired in their corridors?" he tweeted.
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