Scar And His Sexual Problem

He keeps it real when it comes to his sexual woes

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM

It is not everyday that someone opens up about their bedroom issues especially on social media .

To some like Scar ,it is not something they feel embarrassed about as he took some time to share on his Official Twitter page that he is not good at oral sex.

Moreover ,It came as a joke to many Tweeps who follow the rapper, take a look at their tweets below

In case some of you are not really familiar with the rapper, Scar is one of Botswana’s well known musicians that have showcased their talent around the world .

Scar has been nominated for bigger awards that include the Channel O Spirit of Africa Music Awards .

He also has performed on bigger International platforms and in 2007, he performed at the Channel O Africa Awards.

His real name is Thato Mahlabapiri and he started his career back in the 90s when Kast introduced him to a rap group called P-side.

Besides being a rapper, Scar is also an events MC and was a DJ at Yarona FM co-presenting with Sesame Mosweu and later with Tumie Ramsden on The Real Enchilada.

We hope Scar finds a solution to his problem.

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Main Image Credits:Twitter @ScarBW